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Digital marketing is an essential part of any modern organization's success, and skilled digital marketers play a crucial role in achieving that success. Responsible for creating and implementing digital marketing strategies that drive traffic, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and ultimately drive revenue, the role of a digital marketer is critical in an increasingly competitive global economy. These professionals understand how to leverage the power of digital channels to reach target audiences and drive conversions.

With the rise of e-commerce and ongoing advances in technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality, companies need digital marketers who can manage the complex marketing landscape and effectively reach their target audiences. In addition to building brand loyalty, and competing in an ever-changing marketplace, skilled digital marketers have the ability to generate valuable insights into consumer behavior, track and measure the success of campaigns, and continually refine their strategies to maximize results. As businesses continue to shift their focus toward digital channels, the role of a skilled digital marketer will become even more critical.

That's where Frontline Source Group comes in. As a premier executive search firm, we specialize in finding the perfect match for your organization's digital marketing needs. Our extensive network of digital marketing professionals across all industries ensures that we're able to identify candidates who have the necessary skills and experience to excel in Google ads, SEO, social media management, and beyond. We understand every organization has its unique culture and values, and we take the time to understand them thoroughly. This allows us to take a tailor-made approach to find the right digital marketing specialist who will not only have the skills to succeed but will also be a good fit for the organization.

For almost two decades, Frontline Source Group has been at the forefront of the executive search industry, renowned for our exceptional track record in placing highly skilled digital marketers across a diverse range of sectors. Our success has been reflected in the numerous 5-star reviews we have garnered from our satisfied clients. Our commitment to delivering personalized and top-notch service has been acknowledged through the many accolades we have received, including being named a nine-time winner of both Inavero's "Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction & Talent Satisfaction" and “ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing.” At Frontline Source Group, we recognize the significant investment that companies make when hiring digital marketing professionals. That's why we offer a 5-Year Placement Warranty Program, which safeguards your investment in the event that a candidate we place leaves your organization or gets promoted internally. 


Tyler Kern is an experienced digital marketer with a strong background in media and content creation. He is passionate about tapping into his network of talented individuals to ensure you find the exact right person to fill your digital marketing needs. Tyler has been at the forefront of the evolving digital marketing landscape, which has helped him understand the various forms it can take. He understands that different businesses have different goals and will need uniquely talented individuals to help them reach their objectives. He is committed to partnering with you to make your marketing dreams a reality.


Brady Leichner

Marketing Production Assistant at Frontline Source Group

Brady Leichner is a graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Communication from The University of Oklahoma. His zest for marketing and talent for connecting with people led him directly into the heart of his position as a Marketing Production Assistant.
Brady's responsibilities at Frontline Source Group include creating and managing email marketing campaigns and content creation. His energy and drive for excellence are evident in every project he undertakes, aligning perfectly with Frontline's commitment to growth, continuing education, and being a subject matter expert. Brady's fresh perspective is an asset in a dynamic field that values communication, honesty, ethics, respect, and an entrepreneurial spirit—a reflection of the core values of Frontline Source Group.
Away from the office, Brady is equally committed to community involvement, exemplified by his volunteer work at St. Andrew's Methodist Church and the North Texas Food Bank. These extracurricular activities resonate with Frontline’s ethos of giving back and fostering positive change in the community.
When he isn't crafting compelling marketing material or playing his part in community outreach, you might find Brady riffing on his guitar, indulging in his love for music—an interest that, much like his career, strikes a chord with creativity and expression.
Across all facets of his life, Brady embodies a forward-looking and motivated ethos, eager to absorb new knowledge and contribute in meaningful ways. His career with Frontline Source Group is marked by an unwavering enthusiasm to learn and enthusiasm for growth. 


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