Welcome to Frontline Source Group!

Now that you are part of the team, you probably have a lot of questions and may not be sure where to find answers. Do you contact your recruiter? Ask the supervisor at your assignment? Call the general number at Frontline?

We’ve got you covered.

As an employee of Frontline Source Group, when you are on assignment, you represent us. We are committed to providing the tools and resources you need to do your best on the job. Your success on the job is our best advertisement.

That’s why we offer a Candidate Ambassador!

The success of our candidates leads to the success of our client companies and to Frontline Source Group too. We know you had many employment agencies to consider when searching for a job. You chose Frontline, and we couldn’t be happier! Now it’s up to us to make sure we take care of you throughout the life of your assignment. We want you to be delighted by your experience and stay with us for the long haul.

What can a Candidate Ambassador do for you?

While you will always have your recruiter as a resource, we want to make sure you have another point of contact to ensure you have everything you need. The Ambassador will become another go-to person at Frontline. When it comes to the finer details of your placement through Frontline Source Group, the Ambassador will be your guide.

  • Wondering when you get paid?
  • Where to find an important form?
  • How to submit your time?
  • Overcoming technical difficulties?
  • Who to call when you’re out sick?
  • Making changes to your contact information?
  • Updating your tax documents?

Why do you need a Candidate Ambassador?

You’ve already got a relationship with a recruiter. They took time to understand your skills and experience and hooked you up with a great job. The recruiter will be there to talk about the qualities of your assignment. The Ambassador will be there to walk you through everything including paperwork, payroll, time cards, attendance and so much more!

Can’t you just keep talking to your recruiter?

Sure, but most of the time, your Candidate Ambassador can get the information you need faster. They are dedicated entirely to creating a positive candidate experience. They have the answers to common questions right at their fingertips. And they know where to get answers to any more challenging or complicated requests. Recruiters are often engaged in interviews, but you should have quick access to your Candidate Ambassador right away.

Your Ambassador is dedicated to you and your candidate experience.

  • For a quick response to any question you may have, your candidate ambassador is standing by.
  • They can answer questions like:
  • Where do I find my W2?
  • What is the dress code at my assignment?
  • Who do I contact if I’m sick?
  • How can I make changes to my time card?
  • What holidays does my assigned company close for?
  • Can I get copies of older pay stubs?
  • What do I do if my supervisor wants to extend my assignment?
  • Is it okay to work overtime?
  • What benefits are available to me?

If you’ve got a question, your Candidate Ambassador is your dedicated resource.


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