Frontline Source Group offers a wide-range of benefits to candidates representing us in their new position. The benefits we provide for contract and contract to hire candidates include:

Temporary Employee Benefits

Direct Deposit Payroll
The direct deposit of payroll checks is required by all employees.  Candidates who do not have a bank account do have an option to be paid by a free cash payment card.  Contact your recruiter for more information.

Holiday Pay
Once you have worked 1350 hours for us on a temporary assignment, you will be eligible for holiday pay for 6 predetermined holidays. Each holiday will be paid at eight hours if full time or four hours if part-time of your regular and current hourly rate.

In order to qualify for holiday pay, you must be at your current assignment and work the day before and the day after the holiday. Unless the client’s office is closed. Holiday pay is only available to individuals that have been placed with a company. It is not available for individuals who are on our payroll system but have been recruited by the client company. The paid holidays under this benefit include: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Vacation Pay
Because we value your long-term commitment to our company and our client, we have established a vacation payout. It is based on the number of hours worked. You will be awarded one 40-hour week of pay, at your current pay rate, for each 1900 hours worked within the previous 12 months from the date of the request.

If you would rather take this vacation pay as an extra check instead of taking the time off, this is also an option. Contact our Payroll Department by emailing in order to receive an extra 40-hour paycheck in addition to the current week’s income.

To qualify for vacation pay, you must be on an active assignment at the time of the payout. And you may use hours accrued from the current and/or prior calendar year. We cannot allow vacation awards to be taken as single days. Vacation pay is only available to individuals that have been placed with a company and is not available for individuals who are on our payroll system but have been recruited by the client company. All contract employees on assignment will receive one payout for each 1900 hours of work completed.

Medical Benefit Options
Frontline Source Group offers an ACA Compliant Wellness Plan.  While it doesn’t cover major illness or accidents, it does cover the full list of required “wellness” benefits (immunizations, checkups, and screenings) as promulgated by the ACA. This plan satisfies the ACA “Individual Mandate” requiring all workers to have ACA compliant health insurance.  This plan is affordable and available after your 90th day of employment.  

By enrolling in coverage, there will be a weekly deduction from your paycheck. By accepting coverage, the monthly cost will be broken down to a per week cost. There is no cost if you decline coverage. Please speak with your recruiter for more information on our benefits.

Arizona and Colorado Sick Pay
Employees based in Arizona or Colorado are eligible to receive sick pay benefits in accordance with state requirement. To request sick pay, employees must have worked at least 90 days. Only hours accrued may be applied. Employees should email to verify available hours and to request use of sick pay.         

If you have any questions about these benefits, or would like to request vacation pay, please contact our Payroll Department by emailing

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