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We offer Human Resource Staffing services for contract, contract to hire, executive, and direct hire placement positions.

Frontline’s offices are located in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Denver and many other locations.

Frontline’s team of Human Resource recruiters offer contract staffing for project-based positions, as well as direct hire solutions. We provide talented candidates to fill your temporary or long-term Human Resource needs.

Our team of recruiters has the experience and expertise to find qualified candidates in all areas of Human Resources. Including benefits, training, recruiting, payroll, generalists, compliance, and administration.

Human Resource positions we specialize in placing include the following:

VP Human Resources
HR Manager
HR Generalist
HR Administrator
Recruiting Coordinator
Employee Relations

Compensation Analyst
Risk and Compliance
Training and Development
Benefits Manager
HR Assistant

Benefits Administrator
Risk Manager
Payroll Manager
Payroll Processor
Benefits Coordinator - Analyst

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When it comes to HR staffing agencies, few can match the broad range of advantages we offer both for candidates and employers. Regardless of which category you fall into, you’ll find that we're a provider of staffing services that finds perfect matches for both parties.

Our agency boasts experienced recruiters who are adept at analyzing a candidate’s skill set and cultural fit. This goes in concordance with what an organization seeks in terms of both temperament and competence. We're taking the bigger picture into account while making sure we don’t neglect the subtleties of each position. We seek placement for is a quality that separates us from the pack of other HR contract staffing agencies you have access to.

Speaking of which, whether you are an employer or a candidate looking for placement, you have choices in selecting a human resources staffing firm that is right for you. The selection process can be a difficult one. It is also difficult to know what kind of HR staffing agency you are doing business with until you have already committed to working with it.

That is why we want to describe our approach -- for a deeper understanding of our philosophy, culture, and unbridled commitment to finding ideal placements. Following through on that commitment is why we have so many temp-to-hire positions turn into permanent placements. We take the selection and matching process seriously. We understand that getting to know the priorities of both parties is integral to the ultimate success of a placement. When it comes to elements like pay, job role, cultural climate, and the like, we’ll work to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Let’s look at what separates us from other HR staffing agencies, before highlighting some of the job roles we specialize in.

A Cut Above

We at Frontline Source Group want to prove ourselves worthy of your consideration in large part because of the way we operate. Having an exceptional online reputation is important. But, we want to go beyond the surface level so that you can get a deeper understanding of who we are as a human resources staffing agency.

Effective Communication

It starts with communication. And yet, nobody would argue against effective communication being a cornerstone of any successful business. That’s pretty much common knowledge. But why do so many organizations struggle with the ability to foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable voicing their opinion or, better yet, admitting their mistake for the sake of the company’s betterment?

A Result-Focused HR Staffing Agency

Communication can only be counted as a virtue if your organization’s members feel the freedom to voice their opinion. It’s natural for employees to be more concerned with blame and covering their own you-know-what’s instead of focusing on the success of the project. We aren’t imagining problems here — organizations have this problem to one degree or another. And it usually stems from the kind of culture that has been fostered at that company from the top down. If leadership is more concerned with results than mistakes, employees will feel the freedom to be goal-oriented. Rather than being preoccupied with avoiding blame in case of failure.

This translates to us being an HR staffing agency that is worth our salt in reference to getting you positive results. We aren’t perfect, but we are exceptional in analyzing the skill set, temperament, and goals of our candidates.

You Are Our Priority

Our mission is for candidates and employers to find that we can be efficient, seamless, and tailored to the particular needs of our clients. We take the time to get to know our clients so that we can make informed recommendations for the eventual placement you seek. Whether you seek temp-to-hire, direct hire, or a temporary staffing solution, our trademark motto remains “People. Process. Service.” We don’t just talk the talk here at Frontline, and we’ve got the track record to prove it. Let’s take a look at a few of our recent recognitions in the employment agency field.

Both nationally and locally, we are proud of our history of being a high-quality employment recruitment agency. We don’t emphasize it to sing our own praises, but to showcase to our prospective clients and talent the kind of reputation we have. From our online reviews to our industry awards, there is a lot to like about working with our human resources staffing agency.

Many HR positions involve duties connected with staffing, employee relations, benefits, compensation, and organizational development. Of course, there exist more specified positions, such as a risk manager, compensation analyst, or a benefits coordinator.

Five-Year Warranty

Another differentiating factor we’d like to briefly boast about is our guarantee - Warranty Promotion Protection Plan. You may or may not know that the industry-standard warranty for new placements is in the range of 90 days. Frontline offers a Five-Year Warranty, whether you seek placement in the administrative, HR, customer service or another field.

Our Offerings

Choosing the right human resources staffing agency isn’t an easy decision. Although we will warrant that we hope we’ve made that decision-making process a less stressful one for you. Even if you don’t select us as your provider, we’d like to offer some practical tips that will supplement your search. If you end up selecting the best HR employment agency nationwide (that’s us), all the better!

  • What kind of staffing help do you need? - We set ourselves apart by working closely with our clients so we can recommend solutions based on your goals and budget. And we aren’t the kind of business that promises the world without any thought of follow-through. If we aren’t able to provide you with the kind of service you are looking for, we’ll let you know upfront. So you don’t waste your time and money with a fruitless endeavor.
  • Select An HR recruitment agency that is a member of the American Staffing Association - Being a part of the ASA confirms that the staffing agency you have selected holds themselves to the industry’s highest level of ethical standards. It also means they are connected with the field’s most recent news, which translates to you receiving the best recruitment services possible.
  • Will the agency meet with you in person? - It speaks a good deal to an organization’s quality if they are willing to travel to you to earn your business. Are they just an “HR headhunter” who uses a shotgun approach when it comes to attracting talent and clients, or will they take the time to invest in your business? A good HR temporary agency will always be willing to meet with you and answer any questions you might have. For the record, you can set up an in-person meeting with us at Frontline by contacting our nearest staffing location.
  • Ask for references - Be proactive in your search. Reach out to current and even past clients to ask about their experience working with the human resources staffing firm you have in mind. If you find that the candidates were well-suited to your organization and the position’s demands, that’s a huge positive.
  • What Is The Agency’s Recruitment Process? - Take a look at the organization’s screening and application process in addition to their benefits package. While we are discussing it, feel free to view our screening process and our benefits package.

Be sure to check out our dedicated resource for more helpful information about choosing the right staffing agency. Whether you seek contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hire staffing services, we’ve got you covered. 

Candidates: Let Frontline Be Your Advocate

We’ve highlighted the advantages of working with our HR staffing agency from a client perspective. But we’d like to make sure our candidate-readers understand that we will deliver the same excellent service for our talent as we will with our employer-clients.

For concrete examples, look no further than the benefits we offer. Among them are direct deposit payroll, holiday pay, vacation pay, medical benefit options, and, the fact that our candidates don’t pay a thing. That portion of placement-process is handled by our employers seeking top talent, naturally.

Check out our resource dedicated to answering Frequently Asked Questions by candidates for additional information.

If you’d like to search available jobs, submit your resume, or view our helpful Interview Instructions, feel free to do so!

Considering all the choices you have among HR staffing agencies, we hope you consider placing Frontline Source Group at the top of your list. We are passionate, affordable, and quite good at what we do. Whether you are a candidate or an employer seeking a great fit, find the staffing location nearest you and reach out to us today!

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