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Staffing Alert

Frontline Source Group understands the importance of your privacy, security and how difficult it is to find a new career. We have recently become aware of individuals who are contacting potential candidates looking for employment and claiming to be with Frontline Source Group. The individuals are asking for personal information over the phone which we would never ask any individual to disclose. Further, we would never ask a candidate to make cash or check advancements, or to pay any kind of fee for our service. We would never ask a candidate to supply credit card numbers, or online banking PIN information via email or online to use our services.

Recent Scam Requests that we have heard about:

If a person is asking for or requesting any of the items below, the odds are that they are a scammer so please beware!

1. Contact with you via WhatsApp - Frontline Source Group will NEVER connect with you via WhatsApp!  We do not use this app.

2. Job Ad listing shows "Daily Payroll" or "Daily Pay" - Frontline Source Group only places office professionals, W2 Employees and all payroll is done via Direct Deposit.

3. We will NEVER run a job ad stating: "US Citizen or Foreigners based in the US apply" - Frontline Source Group follows all US Federal Employment guidelines and will never ask if you are a citizen or your nationality as we are 100% EEOC complient.

4. Social Security Number - Frontline Source Group will only ask for this information if it is needed, after you have had mutliple interviews, visited with our client, have completed other required documents and then only via a secure link to protect your personal information.

5. Training - Frontline Source Group does NOT provide paid training nor do we pay any commission for "On-Job-Training"...ever!

6. Age Requirement - Frontline Source Group will NEVER list, discuss, send out or promote any position that is asking or discussing your age...NEVER!

7. Applications - Frontline Source Group does not ask you to complete an application or submit any personal information.

8. Recruiter Names - Scammers are using our recruiters real names via Google Voice, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn. Visit our website or call an office if you have a question about a recruiter.  We list their name, direct phone number, LinkedIn direct link and email address on our website.  If in doubt, you can call, email or text any of those numbers to verfiy who you are dealing with. Be smart!

Sensitive and personal data will not be requested by Frontline Source Group or its affiliates until a job offer is made and accepted. If you ever doubt the validity of our job postings, we encourage you to call one of our branch locations to verify the status on any job.

Please be aware that if you receive requests like the ones described above, it is likely a scam. Please contact us using the link below if you think someone is using Frontline Source Group's name to seek this information from you.

What to do if you suspect you are being scammed

Please contact our Legal Department at if you receive any suspicious communications that have anything to do with Frontline Source Group. Suspicious communications include those that ask you to reveal personal information, either via email or on a website, or that ask you to cash checks or pay any sort of fee. By letting us know about suspicious communications, you can help us prevent others from being deceived.

Check Cashing Scams

Please be aware that we do NOT issue paper paychecks! All payment for temporary services to individuals is done via Direct Deposit 100% of the time. If you have someone attempting to cash a "paycheck" at your place of business immediately contact our corporate office at 214-760-7700 and your local authorities. Also, we would never send you a cashier check or money order to purchase equipment or gift cards. Please be smart about things like this and report all incidents to local authorities or the postal police.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be probably is!  Be Smart and think twice...verify first!

Corporate Contact information

If users have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at:

or via email at

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