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Frontline Source Group’s Professional Contract Staffing Agency and Executive Search Permanent Staffing Agency team provide staffing services for executive search, direct-hire, remote workers, contract, contract to hire, project-based employment opportunities to all areas surrounding Lewisville, Texas.

Frontline Source Group is one of the fastest-growing Lewisville Contract Staffing Agencies for

...and Help Desk, Medical, Executive Assistant, Clerical, Receptionist, CSR


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We have a thorough screening process that delivers quality candidates perfectly suited to meet your needs. Click here to read more about this process.

Frontline is a member of the American Staffing Association. This membership demonstrates our commitment to operating within the highest ethical standards in the industry and to staying up-to-date on all the trends

We have been recognized as a leader in our industry, having received numerous awards for our exceptional service. Click here to view our accolades.



Our emphasis is Information Technology, Financial, HR, Clerical and Administrative staffing for companies throughout Lewisville, Texas and all of North Texas.
Not all Staffing Agencies in Lewisville are the same and Frontline Source Group is not your average! When looking for the Best Contract &  Direct Hire Staffing Agency Call 469-362-1045 to hire professionals today.

- Executive Placements: Attain the executive efficiency you deserve. Frontline Source Group helps with business continuity, staffing flexibility, and cost control in Lewisville. Whether you are hunting for a senior executive, HR executive, or a savvy technology executive, we are the firm for the job. Who has time to hire and train when production cannot wait? Let's find you top executives that will hit the ground running.

- Temporary Placements: If within the first four hours of work, you are not satisfied with our temporary employee or their work, we will replace the employee and you will not be billed for those hours.*

- Direct Placements: We have a 5-year warranty. In case of concerns during the first 5-years of employment, we will credit a pro-rated amount of the fee based on the number of active service calendar days.*
*Certain restrictions apply


Are you an employer looking for a partner to take care of your staffing needs? Well, Frontline Source Group will save you time and money - the two most valuable things in business. Our staffing professionals have the expertise to connect you with the top talents.

At Frontline Source Group, we understand that every company has different needs. We don’t just place anyone in your job order. First, we examine the pool of candidates to help you find those that match the needs of your company. Unlike other staffing agencies, we provide a level of service that will meet and exceed your expectations. What’s more, we offer education and training to our employees to ensure they are up-to-date with the current employment laws. We have the flexibility to deliver business solutions to the ever-changing marketplace.

We recognize that finding the right employee is crucial for your business success. We also understand that it’s a personal endeavor for employees to find the right job. After we help you find the perfect match, we strive to build long-lasting relationships.

When you choose Frontline Source Group, we’ll take personal responsibility and keep in touch in every new development. And we don’t hesitate to think outside the box to help your customers meet challenging goals. Our core philosophy is to maintain high-level ethics and provide excellence in service. Furthermore, we remain true to our values, and that’s what drives our success.

Don’t let hiring distract you from what is important to you. With our competent team on your side, we can take care of your staffing needs as you focus on what is important to you. Whatever talent you need, we’re the people who make it possible.

Lewisville Temporary Employment Staffing Agency

I must say, this team at Frontline is the best I have worked with in the 22 years of temping. Nova Davis and her office always call just to make sure I am ok, and that means so much to me. Normally when I got a call from my last temp companies it was to state I had messed up on something or that I was laid off/fired.
They are always quick to respond and I give them all a two thumbs up!

Frontline Source Group
401 East Corporate Drive, Suite 100 Lewisville, Texas 75057
(469) 362-1045

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Gabe Morales Accounting Executive Recruiter

Gabe Morales

Accounting / Finance

Dani Chiaverini Accounting Executive Recruiter

Dani Chiaverini

Accounting / Finance

Emily Longsworth Administrative Executive Recruiter

Emily Longsworth

Administrative / Clerical

Bill Kasko C Suite Executive Recruiter

Bill Kasko

C Suite Executives

Lindsey Davidson C Level Executive Recruiter

Lindsey Davidson

C Suite Executives

Amanda Trammell Government Contracts

Amanda Trammell

Government Contracts

Mike Cook Grocery Executive Recruiter

Mike Cook

Grocery & Retail

Madison Bowdy Grocery Executive Recruiter

Madison Bowdy

Grocery & Retail

Angel Rico Human Resources Executive Recruiter

Angel Rico

Human Resources

Becky Campbell Legal Paralegal Executive Recruiter

Becky Campbell

Legal / Paralegal

Jessica Payne Executive Search Recruiter

Jessica Payne

Revenue Cycle

Jamie AI Virtual Executive Search Recruiter

Jamie - AI Recruiter

Virtual Recruiter


Interesting and Fun Facts about Lewisville, TX:

  • It is home to one of the most popular lakes in Texas, Lake Lewisville
  • It is located 20 minutes from Dallas and about 40 minutes from Fort Worth
  • It is home to one of the premium golf courses, Hank Haney Golf Ranch at Vista Ridge
  • It is located 10 minutes from the DFW airport
  • There are over 20 parks around Lake Lewisville for hiking, camping, etc.


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