PERKS! Benefits to being on the Frontline team

Just the Beginning

Frontline Source Group goes beyond the basics to keep our team happy. We believe in taking care of our people and we appreciate their commitment to the team. We believe in going above and beyond ALWAYS and that rings true in taking care of the people that make Frontline Source Group what it is.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you will experience with Frontline Source Group.

Health & Wellness

Frontline Source Group offers several plans on United Health Care to ensure that employees and their families are well covered. Don't forget the teeth and eyes - there are plans with Dental Select and EyeMed to maintain wellness there too. But we don't stop here! Frontline contributes 88% towards your monthly employee health insurance costs which is HUGE! And, they are great plans too! PPO and HSA options are available based on what YOU need.

Time Off is Time Off!

Employees earn days for each month worked. Anniversaries yield an extra day for every year the employee is with the company. Vacation rolls over or gives the opportunity to cash out too. There's no shortage of time to live your best life.

Family Time Management

Frontline offers generous disability leave for Maternity and Paternity leave. Need to manage your work-life balance? Flexible schedules can be available. Beyond the family leave options, there are great disability packages in place to ensure our team can take care of health needs. EAPs are available as needed too. Health and family come first.

Training & Mentorship

There is no shortage of training at Frontline. From internal mentorship programming to bringing in industry-leading trainers, our team gets top-tier education. Certified Staffing and Diversity & Inclusion certification classes too! Our goal is to help each member on the team be the best professional that they can be.

Let them eat cake!

From weekly breakfasts and lunches to a huge range of snacks in the office, you will not be hungry! Fresh fruit, drinks, cookies, chips...and more are stocked. Every week is a surprise and something that the team loves. And, it's not just boring sandwiches... bring your A-game and an appetite.

Extra! Extra! Extra!

The list goes on and on! There are opportunities to earn luxury trips, swag, shopping savings... We listen to our team about what matters - even on a day-to-day basis. Our team wanted "relaxed" so we introduced "Workout Wednesday" where we dress in workout gear in the office. Parking costs are always company paid, which is truly appreciated in Downtown Dallas. We make being in-office a JOY.

Big MONEY, No Whammies

Frontline Source Group boasts one of the most generous commission structures in the Staffing Industry. This plan is just OUTRAGEOUS! Compare the numbers and you'll be shocked. Couple that with a solid base salary, 401k with a CRAZY great match (6%!!), and profit share... you won't find better options than what we have here. Frontline can take care of your now and help with retirement. There's $$$ to be made. When you're busy killing it, too, you're working towards participation in luxury company vacations too. It's all a win. Frontline gives you the chance to both Work Hard and PLAY Harder.