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Our Staffing Agency offers Accounting & Finance Staffing services for contract, contract to hire, executive, and direct hire placement positions.

Frontline’s offices are located in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Denver and many other locations.

Frontline’s team of recruiters offer contract staffing for project-based Accounting & Finance positions, as well as direct hire placement solutions. We provide talented candidates to fill your temporary or long-term Accounting & Finance needs.

Our dedicated recruiters are experts within the accounting and finance arena and will provide top service to fulfill our client’s unique needs. By learning about the position and the culture of your company, we'll become well-versed in finding the right candidate for those hard-to-fill positions.

Accounting & Finance positions we specialize in placing include the following:

Billing Specialist
Accounting Supervisor
Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable
General Ledger
Business Analyst
Staff Accountant

Accounting Manager
Tax Accountant
Entry Level Accountant
Accounting Clerk
Financial Analyst
Financial Systems
Financial Reporting
Payroll Specialist
Fixed Assets/Collections/AP/AR

Chief Financial Officer
VP of Finance
Finance Director
Assistant Controller
Director-Tax Audit
Compliance Auditor
Senior Accountant
Treasury Tax Professionals

Need a Better Accounting and Finance Recruiting Strategy?

It’s not always easy to find accounting and finance professionals with the experience and expertise your business requires. But it’s critical to identify and attract people you can truly count on to keep your organization profitable and compliant. Accounting and finance specialists are responsible for maintaining the financial health of your business. They maintain optimal cash flow while keeping up with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

Partner with a Finance and Accounting Staffing Agency.

With the right accounting and finance recruiting firm you will always have ready access to individuals with the specific skills and experience you need. Whether you need to add an accountant to your full-time staff or a tax specialist to help you prepare to file, you can count on Frontline Source Group. We offer talent that has been thoroughly screened and assessed.

What Can Frontline Source Group Do for You?

As a trusted finance and accounting recruitment agency, we can provide resources for your most difficult-to-fill positions.

  • Temporary Staffing. Seasonal peaks, rapid growth, short- or long-term absences, turnover and special projects all make accounting and finance staffing a challenge. Frontline accounting and finance professionals are available for projects of any length.
  • Temporary-to-Hire. This option enables you to make smarter hiring decisions by trying a candidate on the job before extending an offer of employment.
  • Direct Hire. Most qualified accounting and financial professionals are already employed. Frontline’s direct hire team offers access to both active and passive professionals who are seeking new opportunities.

Streamline Your Search for Accounting and Finance Professionals

Increasingly complex accounting standards call for experienced and knowledgeable talent. As experts in accounting and finance staffing and recruitment, we have the means to connect you with qualified talent. From billing specialists and bookkeepers to finance directors and CFOs.

At Frontline, We Put You First.

By learning about the position, your goals and the culture of your company, our recruiters can find the right candidate for even the most challenging-to-fill positions. Our accounting and finance recruiters bring their experience to your organization's most complex hiring challenges.

Partner with Frontline Source Group when you need to:

  • Improve compliance
  • Prepare for tax season
  • Staff up for audits
  • Boost ROI
  • Manage mergers and acquisitions

Are you an employer seeking in-demand accounting and finance talent? A professional looking to leverage your skills in a temporary position or to make a strategic career move? We can help. Our finance and accounting staffing agency places qualified talent nationwide.

Contact your local Frontline Source Group recruiting branch today for all your Accounting and Finance recruiting needs and discover why Frontline is your go-to agency to find and retain top Accounting and Finance professionals.

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Frontline has always been very good to us. From great communication to amazing candidates, Frontline is my first go-to when needing a temp or some help recruiting direct hires. - Amber H., Five Stars, Trust Pilot Reviews

It’s true, you have choices when it comes to selecting from a pool of accounting staffing agencies. We have been dedicated to optimizing our processes to provide top experiences for both employers and the candidates they seek.


As Amber attests above, the cornerstone of our accounting temp agency has always been communication. From an internal perspective, we’ve done our best to foster a culture of open communication and understanding. And while C-level officers and recruiters alike will tell you that communication is obviously a positive trait, the practical application of being goal-oriented in our mindset sets us apart from other accounting staffing agencies.

Fear-Based vs. Goal-Oriented

Think of it like this. It’s natural for staff members to be more concerned with avoiding blame rather than looking to be a part of the solution. In the business world, we tend to call it “covering your you-know-what.” If an organization operates in fear of making mistakes as opposed to being bold about improving, it stagnates. While getting passed up by more innovative companies in their vertical. The old adage “if you are standing still, you are going backward” rings true here.

Contrast that fear-based organization with a goal-oriented, efficient financial staffing agency, such as Frontline Source Group. We know what it takes to develop a corporate culture where everyone is pulling in the same direction. Communication is key, but it only functions as a virtue if our staff is less concerned with mistakes and more focused on results. We aren’t perfect - no company is. But we are always chasing excellence. Part of that mission involves not being afraid to question the status-quo. That’s how we optimize ourselves and our own processes. Simply because we are a successful staffing agency does not mean that we are infallible. Rather, we are open to constructive feedback, so that we can fulfill our top priority in the best way possible.

What is that priority? We want our employers and candidates alike to find working with us to be seamless and efficient. Accomplishing that goal involves taking the time to get to know our employers. So that we can better understand the kind of skill set and temperament they are looking for in their candidates. We are confident you will not find another staffing agency that has the attention to detail and dedication as we have.

One Less Stress For Me, Sent Us The Right Person!

In an effort to find someone in just a couple of days, Frontline came through and made the process simple and stress-free which gave me time to focus on other business matters. Very happy with their process and follow-up. I would definitely use this company again if and when the need arises. - Carol B., Five Stars, Trust Pilot Reviews

Why You Need An Accounting Staffing Company Like Frontline

Our recruiters understand that no two businesses are alike. With that in mind, we make a point to learn about the intricacies and subtleties that make your financial firm unique. First, we meet with you and gain a working knowledge of your company’s culture and needs. Then, we’ll be able to orchestrate the process of finding you the right kind of candidate. Even for challenging positions, our recruiters have ample experience to help find a viable match.

Here are some common scenarios for which employers enlist our accountant staffing agency:

Our Employer-Clients Have Choices

We are able to provide our employers with options when it comes to contract staffing, direct hire, and contract-to-hire positions.

A Recruiting Strategy Tailored To Your Needs

A finance and accounting recruiting strategy is not often an undertaking a firm can formulate and execute on their own. Indeed, that is why there is room in the marketplace for accounting staffing agencies like our own. The foundational element of any effective strategy is an organization that understands their own needs. If a business is out of touch with their own culture, strengths, and weaknesses, they won’t be able to identify or attract the employee that will make a difference.

We are a staffing company that helps both candidates and employers get in touch with their own opportunities for growth. Once we’ve ticked that box, we can move onto formulating a tailored strategy. It will ensure axiomatic goals like compliance and profitability are met. Our specialist recruiters have an appropriate knowledge as to what it takes to keep businesses maintaining their cash flow. While simultaneously staying on top of local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Why You Need Us

We won’t pull our punches; it’s vital to have experienced accounting recruiters, today perhaps more than ever. Why? As standards become ever-more intricate, so too must direct hire, contract staff have relevant knowledge and appropriate experience. We connect you with that finance and accounting talent, so you can streamline your search for accounting and finance professionals. Below you’ll learn more about how we separate ourselves from the competition.

The Characteristics Of The Right Staffing Agency

It’s not a revolutionary thought to state that all accounting staffing agencies are not created equally. They can be found a wide variance in performance, communication, cost, efficiency, and in other ways. Questions worth asking yourself that will supplement your search for the right company include “what kind of staffing help do I need?” “Does this recruiting agency in question have experience in that industry?” “Is this staffing agency a member of the American Staffing Association?” “Is this company willing to meet with mine so we can better understand their proposal and see if there is a good fit?” “What does this organization’s talent identification and recruitment process look like?”

While we won’t be able to answer every question we prompted above, we will tell you that we're experienced in recruiting top talent in accounting and finance positions

As you can no doubt tell, our recruiters find and place qualified, motivated candidates beyond mere entry-level positions. From financial analysts to payroll specialists to CFOs and accounting managers, we are well-versed in finding symbiotic placements.

Our Five-Year Warranty

We are so confident in our capability to find excellent matches between talent and employer that we offer a Five-Year Placement Warranty. Whereas the industry-standard guarantee is somewhere in the 90-day range, our staffing agency guarantee five years strong. That’s 1800 days where you are fully protected by Frontline Source Group. That’s a significant differentiator for many of our clients.

A Message To Our Prospective Candidates

You may have noticed we’ve been catering much of the above text to our prospective accounting and finance-based employer-clients. On the other hand, you’ll find that we take care of our talent with the same level of care and detail as we do our clients. One party can’t be successful without the other. We’ve modeled our recruiting agency to provide nationwide opportunities for contract-to-hire, temporary staffing, project, and permanent placement staffing.

I Would Recommend Them To Anyone Who Wants Quick Placement By True Professionals

Looking for a new career can be very stressful but Heather made everything go very smoothly. She and Colette are so professional and helpful- it’s really a breath of fresh air to deal with such nice people. Frontline Source Group is the absolute best. And I would recommend them to anyone who wants quick placement by true professionals. They even give extra interview tips here and there that make all of the difference. 2 thumbs up! - Kryston, Five Stars, Trust Pilot Reviews

We wanted to highlight Kryston’s five-star testimonial here because of the strength of her words. She uses descriptions like “professional,” “helpful,” and “nice.”  Understand that our success as a recruiting agency is contingent upon your own. With that in mind, know that working with us is more than simply finding an impersonal conduit that tells you where your next interview is. On the contrary, Kryston represents a counter-example. Her recruiters, Heather and Colette, took the time to give our candidate extra interview tips to supplement your chances.

Practical Information For Our Applicants

Our process is unique, and that makes sense because we aren’t your average accounting staffing company. Here are some quick-fire points of interest:

Be You A Candidate Or An Employer, Reach Out To Us Today!

The next step is for you to contact a local Frontline Source Group branch today. With offices strategically located across the country, you can find the branch nearest you without trouble. We’d love to be a part of your future success, so contact us today.

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