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Our Staffing Agency offers Administrative & Clerical Staffing services for contract, contract to hire, executive, and direct hire placement positions.

Frontline’s offices are located in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Denver and many other locations.

Our recruiters offer contract staffing for project-based administrative positions, as well as direct hire placement solutions. We provide talented candidates to fill your temporary or long-term Administrative needs. 

Administrative Clerical positions we specialize in placing include the following:

Office Manager
Executive Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Data Entry Clerk
Bilingual Administrative
Clerical Staff
Project Coordinator

Office Administrator
File Clerk
Document Control
Marketing Assistant
General Office Clerk

What Can Temporary Administrative Staffing Do for You?

Administrative professionals can have a significant impact on your business – either positive or negative. Bring the right people on board and your company operates smoothly. Hire the wrong people – or not enough people – and your entire organization can suffer.

Administrative and clerical workers touch every department of your company from the front desk to HR to the executive suite. That’s why it’s critical for companies to gain access to individuals with the skills, experience and work ethic. To help you run your business efficiently and get more done.

Work With a Clerical Staffing Agency.

A staffing partner that understands your needs and challenges can provide access to the people you need, on demand. There’s no need to add to your headcount and increase overhead expenses. With immediate access to vetted, qualified individuals you can easily adapt to ups and downs in demand.

Rely on Temporary Administrative Staffing.

Ramp up your workforce as your needs change or reduce your workforce without costly and stressful layoffs. With temporary administrative staffing, you can assess individuals before adding them to your staff. Preventing the hire of those without the required skills or who don’t fit into your corporate culture.

You’ve Got Options

Temporary Staffing. Drive productivity up while keeping costs down. Temporary staffing enables you to adapt to variable business demands while avoiding overtime and labor shortages.

  • Manage variable workloads
  • Fill in for unexpected absences
  • Meet critical project deadlines

 Temporary-to-Hire Staffing. Frontline offers a temporary-to-hire option that allows employers to assess candidates on the job.

  • Evaluate skill level and cultural fit
  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes
  • Commit to a hire when you are ready

 Direct Hire. Shorten your time and cost to hire by allowing Frontline to source and screen full-time candidates for you.

  • Spend less time screening resumes
  • Interview fewer candidates
  • Fill critical vacancies faster

How Can Frontline Source Group Help?

We can provide the people who keep your office running at peak efficiency. Whether you need staff with data entry skills, effective communication or who can accurately assess and resolve issues on a customer support line.

We identify people with the skills you require and the ability to fit seamlessly into your organization. As a clerical agency, we understand the importance of fit. That’s why we leverage our experience and resources to attract the right candidates, ask the right questions and streamline the process for you.

At Frontline, We Are Dedicated to Clerical Contract Staffing.

We understand it’s critical to provide smart, reliable people with skills and professionalism. A level of service you may not get from every clerical staffing agency.

Are you an employer seeking administrative assistance for a project-based assignment? An administrative professional looking for a position where you can use your skills and experience? Frontline can help. Our clerical staffing agency places administrative and clerical talent nationwide.

Contact your local Frontline Source Group recruiting branch today for all your Administrative staffing needs and discover why the staffing resources we provide lead the industry.

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Nationwide Administrative Clerical Employment Staffing Agency Services


In the world of staffing agencies, we aren’t ignorant that you have choices when selecting the correct administrative recruiters. We are confident in our capacity to find a positive result you are excited about. Whether you are looking for a contract-to-hire staffing solution, or you are a talented candidate looking for placement.

How and why are we worth your consideration as an administrative staffing agency? We ask you to take the time to understand about the way we operate here at Frontline Source Group. Depending on if you are seeking a candidate or a placement yourself, we invest the time to learn more about your company or professional interests.

How We Operate

Effective communication is the cornerstone of our staffing agency. We believe that having a culture where open communication as a part of a goal-oriented attitude is vital. Whether your organization is an exceptional clerical agency or it’s part of a different vertical.

We make sure our clients and candidates are well-informed as to the progress and status of their job placement. Knowing that your administrative recruiter is proactive and on their game makes a huge impact. Regardless of whether you are seeking a contract-to-hire, direct hire, or contract staffing position.

And if you represent your company’s organizational staffing needs, the same principle applies. We are your campaigner, your crusader, your exponent. We’ll take the time to learn your unique needs and find you a placement that will make a big impact on you and your company culture.

From a purely internal standpoint, we’ve worked hard to ensure that we’ve fostered a culture of understanding and open communication. We get that it isn’t something new, but a big number of organizations can get derailed by dysfunctional communication.

A Goal-Oriented Mentality

In reference to organizational viability, a key differentiator for us is our goal-oriented mentality. Coinciding with the above point about effective communication, the concept is that we operate with a goal-oriented mentality when we work together. That is, each of us has the understanding that all ideas and feedback come with the assumption of positive intent. We all know we are on the same team, trying to accomplish the same goal. When feedback might be more constructive in nature, staff from other admin staffing agencies might revert to an unhelpful, fearful mode.

This excuse-making mentality is all-too-pervasive in the business world. That is why we are taking the time to point out our departure from the norm. Other companies might stifle their own progress because employees are preoccupied with avoiding blame. As a clerical staffing provider, we have worked with our fair-share of businesses. We feel qualified in speaking to a company’s cultural climate in terms of what works and what doesn’t in a general sense. Success only happens when you have people pulling in the same direction. Communication is a foundational element of any healthy entity. And it only functions as a virtue when staff is less preoccupied with mistakes and more concerned with positive results.

We aren’t perfect — there aren’t any office staffing agencies that are, in our estimation. But we are an administrative employment company that always seeks to improve itself. We love what we do, so every day we wake up with another opportunity to get a little bit better than the day before. A big piece of that goal involves not being afraid to challenge commonly accepted norms or status quo. That’s how we optimize our structure and processes to the extent where we can deliver superior results. With myriad locations all across the nation, we are able to locally provide service to our clients and candidates.

Working With Frontline Source Group

For folks who have been searching clerical staffing agencies, we want you to have clear-cut expectations for what working with us will be like. We want our candidates and employers alike to find working with us to be an efficient, streamlined, and customized process. How are we able to tailor our administrative assistant recruiting services to a particular organization? First, we're getting to know our employers so we can understand what kind of temperament and skill set this organization needs. Our attention to detail gives us a competitive advantage over other administrative staffing agencies out there. Keep reading to learn more about those details.

The clerical staff has a unique position in that they touch a wide array of work related to likely each department. From HR to the executive level to the front desk, it’s vital to have an administrative employee who is worth their salt. The ripple effect your new hire can have, be it positive or negative, is something to consider.

When you work with an administrative staffing agency, you get access to candidates who match the skill set and temperament you seek. If you aren’t sure what that temperament or skill set should look like yet, we’d be happy to help identify your business’ strengths, needs, and opportunities.

What’s more, with our temporary administrative staffing, you have the ability to alter your workforce without full-fledged layoffs. Those can be expensive and emotionally taxing. You are able to witness staff in a live, real-deal setting, without having to commit to a full-time position. This ability to assess an individual before adding them on a permanent basis is a significant benefit. It affords employers the capacity to determine the candidate’s work competency and/or cultural fit in the company.

Benefit: Frontline Provides You With Choices

At Frontline Source Group, we give employers choices when it comes to the kind of staffing services they require.

  • Temporary Office Staffing - Employers will benefit from driving productivity in a positive direction while cutting down on expenses. Being able to adapt to short-term needs for a season can prove to be invaluable for many a business. Temporary staffing allows you to manage variable workloads, fill in for unexpected absences and meet project deadlines. A qualified candidate whom you do not have to babysit is the perfect solution If you want to avoid labor shortages and excess overtime.
  • Temporary-to-Hire Clerical Staffing - Temp-to-hire staffing affords employers the option of evaluating candidates on the job. We are a clerical staffing firm that is a proponent of our clients being able to avoid costly hiring mistakes. Our clients can commit to hiring when they are ready and evaluate skill level and cultural fit without having to do so in an interview. Again, the financial and workplace benefits of on-the-fly, no-obligation evaluation are immense.
  • Direct Hire Administrative Staffing - If you are anything like most hiring managers, perhaps the most arduous portion of the hiring process is combing through resumes. With us, you can shorten your time and cost to hire by letting us source and screen legitimate full-time candidates on your behalf. Spending less time screening resumes and more time tending to your organization’s mission has a practical net effect. The same can be said for interviewing fewer candidates and filling critical vacancies faster. When Frontline Source Group can streamline this direct-hire need, you save money and time. Sometimes it really is that simple.

Administrative, Office, & Clerical Placement Specialities

No two organizations are created equal. Determining what unique needs a business has is the first part of a successful formula. There exists a wide variety of positions that fall under the categories of administrative, office, and clerical work. Below you will find the placements in which our clerical and administrative assistant recruiters specialize.

  • Office Manager - Also referred to as administrative service managers, they handle day-to-day administrative tasks ranging from hiring new employers to calculating payroll. Their tasks and roles are subject to change on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Executive Assistant - Executive assistants offer personalized administrative and secretarial support in an efficient and punctual manner. Flexibility is typically a desirable trait in these roles. Tasks can range from producing reports and presentations to making travel arrangements to monitoring office supplies.
  • Administrative Assistant - Admin assistants carry out tasks that range from maintaining records to photocopying, faxing, filing, and even distributing the mail. They are also expected to provide informational and educational opportunities for their coworkers.
  • Data Entry Clerk - Organization, speed, and accuracy are the three most important characteristics a data entry clerk can possess. Data entry clerks transfer, convert, or synthesize data from one format or location to another.
  • Bilingual Administrative - they perform similar tasks as a monolingual administrative assistant, but perform their tasks in two languages instead of one.
  • Clerical Staff - Clerks, get this, perform clerical work which includes general office equipment skills. These days that means computational competence. Clerks perform tasks that are specific to a given company’s needs. Ranging from mass mailing projects to data entry to keeping a daily schedule for personnel.

Other positions we have experience in include marketing assistants, file clerks, secretaries, receptionists, and beyond. If you don’t see the position which you seek, just reach out to us and ask!

Administrative Recruiters Who Get To Know You

We want our prospective candidates to know that we are your advocates during this process. We offer a five-year warranty, up to 50% off regular staffing agency fees. And much more for our employers, we hope you’ll find how dedicated we will be for you.

We offer contract-to-hire, project, temporary staffing, and permanent placement staffing here at Frontline Source Group. We are communicative, honest, and invested in your success. Really -- if you aren’t successful, then we aren’t. Plus, job seekers will never pay a fee! Those are paid for by companies doing the hiring. You can also find a thorough list of our temporary employee benefits we offer here at Frontline.

Be sure to check out our resource regarding our application process for candidates if you are ready to take the next step.

If you seek an administrative staffing agency that has both candidates and employers in mind, contact your local office today. If you are interested in searching for jobs we have top-talent waiting in the wings for, check out our new careers and jobs!


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