Professional Staffing - Skills Testing Provided to Employers

The Frontline team works to ensure each client benefits from our professional recruiting & screening process to meet their specific requirements. We provide:

  • Useful, time-saving tools: Our tools and resources assist employers in both the hiring and retention stages of the onboarding process.

  • Specialized testing: We help organizations establish better-hiring decisions, as well as assess the training needs of the workforce. Our team of professional recruiters use specialized skills testing program designed to test the performance of our candidates in the software programs for which they need to prove efficiency. We can test in programs such as QuickBooks and other various accounting programs. We use typing tests to evaluate speed and accuracy, and all systems of Microsoft Office. The operating systems we are able to perform skill testing for are comprehensive among all industries.

Areas in which we can test include:

  • Operation Systems

  • Art/Graphics

  • Web Publishing

  • Legal

  • Word Processing

  • Database/Spreadsheet

  • HR Clerical

  • Medical

  • Presentation Software

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Accounting

  • Typing & Data Entry

Please contact your local Frontline Source Group office about our wide-ranging skill testing capabilities to ensure the candidates we provide meet your unique needs.

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