VOP, MSP, and VMS Systems

Vendor On Premise:

Frontline Source Group can deliver project management talent to your organization quickly and efficiently. We can provide project leaders or project teams for any IT or business project. The skills of our project leaders and team members are broad and deep, with expertise in every aspect of networking, communications, technology, and business solutions.

Our experience in delivering complex solutions has developed our skills both in working with clients as business partners and in providing the leadership to manage complex projects.

Frontline Source Group Staffing Agency VOP Vendor on Premise

VOP Benefits Include:

  • Account Center
  • Information Management Center
  • Risk Management
  • Custom Invoicing
  • Consolidated Invoices
  • Custom Reporting

Master Service Provider:

Frontline Source Group can offer our clients the most innovative and powerful solutions in the staffing industry with our MSP system. Going with this approach will provide clients the greatest advantage in the temporary industry in terms of Quality, Diversification, and Cost Saving Programs.

Frontline Source Group Staffing Agency MSP Master Service Provider 

MSP Benefits Include:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Enhanced Performance Monitoring Capabilities
  • Greater Support In The Management Of Temp Workers
  • Centralized Point Of Contact
  • Consolidated Invoicing / Statement
  • Consistency In Charge Rates Across All Departments, Divisions And Locations

Vendor Management System:

Our VMS is set up so our clients will enjoy the freedom and flexibility to outsource their staffing needs to a neutral party. This allows our clients to be able to use our expertise and experience to streamline their vendor solutions. Additionally, eliminating the headaches of dealing with complex issues of negotiating and managing multiple vendors.

The VMS system is not only a great way to help manage contacts, invoices, and quality performance. It also provides the best staffing solutions possible.

Frontline Source Group Staffing Agency VMS Vendor Management System

VMS Benefits Include:

  • Centralized point of contact
  • Standardized contracts and service agreements
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Standardized pricing

To learn how our Vendor Management Services can benefit your organization, please complete and submit our Form.

You can contact your local branch to discuss the details of our Vendor Management Services.

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