2023 Recipients of the Ronnie Horton Legacy Scholarship

2023 Recipients of the Ronnie Horton Legacy Scholarship

Frontline Source Group proudly presents the esteemed recipients of the Ronnie Horton Legacy Scholarship in collaboration with the NGA Foundation. The Ronnie Horton Legacy Scholarship serves as a testament to the enduring impact of remarkable individuals like Ronnie Horton, whose mentorship and guidance have left an indelible mark on the lives of countless employees and customers.

Bill Kasko and Mike Cook, inspired by Ronnie's profound influence, established this scholarship to honor his legacy and help aspiring grocery professionals become the best version of themselves. We are deeply grateful to the NGA Foundation for their invaluable support in preserving Ronnie Horton's legacy and perpetuating his mission of empowering people to reach their full potential.

As applicants pen essays about the inspiring individuals in their lives, we are reminded of the lasting inspiration Ronnie continues to provide, resonating in the hearts of those he touched. Together, let us celebrate and carry forward the legacy of Ronnie Horton, ensuring that his impact endures for generations to come.

Ronnie Horton Legacy Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to announce this year’s winners of the Ronnie Horton Legacy Scholarship, administered by the NGA Foundation. Each recipient will receive $1,250 toward their studies in pursuit of a career in the grocery industry. 

Gabriela Diaz is a student at Stanford University. Gabriela says, “I am determined to better grocery experiences for consumers around the world by helping food brands become more accessible to the diverse population. Working with small brands has played an important role in helping me identify the skills needed to fulfill my goal of uplifting diverse and mission-driven brands in the retail space.” 

Kylie Shafer is a student at Northwest Missouri State University. Kylie says, “It will help shape my future and open doors to exciting career prospects. I’m constantly seeking opportunities to enhance my marketing skills.” 

Gracie Yates is a student at Lincoln Land Community College. Gracie says, “Winning this scholarship will impact my career by giving me more peace of mind when it comes to paying for my education so I can focus on my career itself.”  

Congratulations to Gabriela, Kylie and Gracie, and best wishes for their future success! 

About the Scholarship

Bill Kasko and Mike Cook were both hired by Ronnie Horton when they were in high school. Their careers took very different paths before merging once again. Bill founded Frontline Source Group, one of the fastest-growing executive search placement firms in the nation. Mike followed Ronnie’s lead and stayed at Brookshire’s for 32 years before joining Bill at Frontline as the Executive Grocery Retail Recruiter. The men reminisced over the impact that Ronnie had on their lives, with Bill recognizing that one of the keys to his success was following the example that Ronnie had set for him. “I would sometimes wonder what I was doing right other companies weren’t, and then I realized I was just following Mr. Horton’s lead,” Kasko said.

The two men agreed to set up a scholarship to honor Ronnie Horton’s legacy and carry on his work of helping people become the best that they can be. “We were able to secure a scholarship to help in sending two individuals to college in his name,” said Kasko. “Now we can announce the Ronnie Horton Legacy Scholarship to the world.” 

With the support of the NGA (National Grocers Association) Foundation, this scholarship fund for young grocery professionals will ensure that Ronnie Horton’s legacy and lessons will endure. As part of the application process, applicants are required to write an essay about a person who inspires them, much as Horton remains an inspiration to the many employees and customers whose lives he touched.

Published on: Aug 2, 2023