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Frontline Source Group’s Phoenix Professional Contract Staffing Agency and Specialized Executive Search Firm team provide professional employment services for executive search, direct-hire, remote workers, contract, contract to hire, project-based employment opportunities to all areas surrounding Phoenix, Arizona.

Frontline Source Group is one of the fastest-growing Phoenix Contract Staffing Agencies for Direct Hire

...and Help Desk, Medical, Executive Assistant, Clerical, Receptionist, CSR


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We have a thorough screening process that delivers quality candidates perfectly suited to meet your needs. Click here to read more about this process.

Frontline is a member of the American Staffing Association. This membership demonstrates our commitment to operating within the highest ethical standards in the industry and to staying up-to-date on all the trends

We have been recognized as a leader in our industry, having received numerous awards for our exceptional service. Click here to view our accolades.



We offer staffing services to meet the needs of our clients. We work with all companies throughout Phoenix and all of North America.
Not all Employment Agencies are the same, and Frontline Source Group is not your average!

When looking for the Best Executive Recruiter and Contract Staffing Agency in the area,

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- Executive Placements: Reduce costs and improve productivity. Try the services of temporary and direct hire staffing agencies. At Frontline Source group, we provide first-class recruitment services tailored to your business needs. Expect more value with our five-year warranty for every hired or retained executive. If the employee arrives at your office and fails to deliver per your expectations, we will immediately send a replacement.

- Temporary Placements: If within the first four hours of work, you are not satisfied with our temporary employee or their work, we will replace the employee, and you will not be billed for those hours.*

- Direct Placements: We have a 5-year warranty. In case of concerns during the first 5-years of employment, we will credit a pro-rated amount of the fee based on the number of active service calendar days.*
*Certain restrictions apply

Best in Phoenix Award

Why Frontline Is Your Staffing Agency Of Choice

Why do businesses of many kinds choose Frontline as their staffing company of choice?

  • We’ve been a top, award-winning staffing agency since 2004. We’ve been consistently recognized as the national leader for temporary and direct hire needs. From Inc. 500 to the Dallas Business Journal to the Houston Business Journal, folks are taking note of the way we operate. Feel free to view our temporary agency and nationwide staffing agency awards for specifics.
  • Our reviews and testimonials are perpetually top-drawer. With hundreds of reviews, the odds are strong that almost any company would have less than a five-star rating. Not so with our staffing company. We have a 4.8/5 rating of “Excellent”, validated by TrustPilot. Both our candidates and clients have fantastic sentiments about working with us. In the modern world, such a reputation speaks volumes. View some of our Frontline Testimonials for yourself!
  • We focus on temporary, contract, executive and direct hire placement. Temporary work is, as you likely inferred, more short-term, whereas direct hire positions are long-term and often become permanent. Whichever you are seeking, our staffing agency excels in finding candidates who fit your needs to the extent that the vast majority become permanent hires after placement.
  • We have over a decade of experience serving a range of business types. From small to medium to sizable corporations, we take your company’s culture and mission into account when selecting from our diverse talent pool. We know what kind of talent you need, and we’ll match you with top-quality candidates who are motivated to perform.
  • Our Five-Year Protection Warranty - As we alluded to above, more than 98 percent of the employees we place are promoted to become vital staff members within the organization in their very first year of employment! The warranty alleviates concerns of employers by crediting a prorated amount of the fee which is based on the number of active service calendar days toward a replacement or future placement. Additionally, our Five-Year Protection Warranty protects you 20x longer than the industry-standard 90-day guarantee. When you promote an employee hired through Frontline Staffing Agency, we will replace the vacant position with another candidate for 50 percent of the placement percentage fee your company initially paid! Think of it like a “Buy one, get one 50 percent off” type of deal, if it helps. That’s just another way we are setting the bar a bit higher here at Frontline Source Group.

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My experience with Frontline Source Group was great! I would like to thank Ashley Shockley and Colette Reinhardt for all their assistance, both ladies are great to work with.

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Mike Cook Grocery Retail Executive Recruiter

Mike Cook

Grocery & Retail

Emily Longsworth Executive Recruiter

Emily Longsworth


Bailey Damschroder Adminstrative Executive Search Recruiter

Bailey Damschroder


Brittany White Legal Paralegal Executive Recruiter

Brittany White

Legal / Paralegal

Sheden Medhanie Pharmacist Executive Search Recruiter

Sheden Medhanie

Pharmacy / Pharmacist

Colette Reinhardt Healthcare Operations Executive Recruiter

Colette Reinhardt

Healthcare Operations

Cassidy Jacobs Life Science Executive Recruiter

Cassidy Jacobs

Life Sciences

Jessica Payne Executive Search Recruiter

Jessica Payne

Revenue Cycle

Tiffany Sainton Executive Search Recruiter

Tiffany Sainton

Accounting / Finance


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Interesting and Fun Facts about Phoenix, AZ:

  • The job market in Phoenix has been expanding, and the city has seen job growth in various industries, particularly in technology and healthcare.
  • The city has a relatively low unemployment rate compared to the national average.
  • The city offers a relatively low cost of living compared to other major metropolitan areas in the United States
  • Phoenix has a vibrant networking scene with events, conferences, and professional development opportunities. Local chambers of commerce and industry-specific groups play a role in connecting professionals.


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