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Houston Oil and Gas Staffing Agency has been staffing this industry since 2004. We have a thorough understanding of what the Oil and Gas Industry needs when it comes to staffing in Houston, Texas. Oil and Gas staffing for Upstream, Downstream, Midstream services within the industry. We are a professional staffing agency with recruiters who know where and how to find the best candidates for your positions.


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Our team of recruiters offer contract staffing for project-based Oil & Gas positions, as well as direct hire placement solutions. We place Oil & Gas Energy professionals in all areas of the U.S. and provide top talented candidates to find the perfect fit for great companies.

Our experience in the industry gives us the expertise to find qualified candidates in all areas of oilfield engineering. Including skilled trades, supply chain, financial analysis, management, administration and support. Our Houston Oil & Gas recruiters cooperate with our clients to understand their exact needs to identify talented professionals.

Contact your local Frontline Source Group recruiting branch today for all your Oil and Gas recruiting needs and discover why Frontline is your go-to agency to find and retain top Oil and Gas professionals in Houston, TX.

Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Tennessee, Colorado, Illinois, Georgia, Florida - Nationwide Oil and Gas Employment Staffing Agency Services in Houston, Texas.

Oil and Gas positions we place in the Houston area include the following:

Petroleum Engineer
Reservoir Engineer
Geophysical Engineer
Geotechnical Engineer
Sub Sea Engineer
Engineering Design
Environmental Engineer

Chemical Engineer
Pipeline Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Safety Engineer
Operations Engineer
Exploration Geologist

Well Site Geologist
Assurance and Risk Manager
Oil and Gas Financial Analyst
Business Development / Supply Chain
Billing Specialist
Site Supervisor

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Amazing experience! They helped me get an incredible, salaried position that I've been trying at for a long time now!! Not only that...despite my reservations and fear of losing the opportunity, the VP went ahead and even pitched me for a higher salary and was able to secure it for me—a very pleasant surprise which I found out later! Thank you so much!!!

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