What Personality Traits Should You Look For in Job Candidates?

What Personality Traits Should You Look For in Job Candidates?

The people you hire have a major impact on the success of your company.

This should come as no surprise, but sometimes, when employers make hiring decisions, they zero in solely on making a good skills and experience match – forgetting that people are much more than just that. They are, well, individual persons … and as such, hiring for the right personality is absolutely crucial.

Personality is at the center of how people interact with each other on a daily basis. So, look for the traits that make an applicant the right fit for your organization.

Desirable Job Candidate Traits

What you’re seeking in a candidate depends on your unique company culture. But, for starters, here are some employee personality traits that can make the difference between an awesome hire and one that you may wind up regretting down the line:

  • Natural willingness to multitask:

    Look for people who are willing to step out of their comfort zones when needed and do whatever it takes to achieve desired results.
  • Strategic thinking:

    You want to hire people who demonstrate a clear vision for the future – and have a plan to get there.
  • Decision-making strength:

    These candidates demonstrate good judgment and are capable of taking decisive action.
  • Independent thinking:

    You need team members who think innovatively and independently – and challenge the status quo if it’s good for your business. They take the high ground and stand up for what they think is right, for themselves and for your company.
  • Teamwork:

    Foremost among employee personality traits is collaboration – whether it’s with co-workers, vendors, clients or other stakeholders. Place high value on candidates with the flexibility to get along with a variety of personalities and work styles.
  • Professionalism:

    You’ll likely spot it the moment a candidate walks into the room. They’ll arrive on time, treat everyone they meet with respect, and never waver from their positive, professional attitude.
  • High energy:

    This is another job candidate trait you’ll notice almost immediately. High-energy applicants exude enthusiasm and show assertiveness. They ask good questions and are continually responsive throughout their interview.
  • Confidence:

    Verbal responses are, of course, critically important as you assess potential hires. But you can begin judging confidence even before a person opens their mouth. Do they stand up straight when they walk? Is their handshake firm, without being aggressive? Do they show poise and maintain comfortable eye contact throughout your meeting?
  • Intellectual curiosity:

    Individuals with this trait are constantly open to new challenges and have a thirst for knowledge. They also tend to have strong problem-solving capabilities.

Making spot-on hiring decisions is critical to your success and the future of your company.

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Published on: Dec 11, 2018