This is Why Candidates Aren’t Applying to Your Open Jobs

This is Why Candidates Aren’t Applying to Your Open Jobs

Heading into 2019, it continues to be a candidate’s market. There are more jobs available than there are people to fill them, so applicants are often in a position to pick and choose potential employers. As an added challenge for hiring managers, today’s young talent is used to instant gratification, having grown up in the digital age. They have a device constantly at their fingertips, delivering whatever they want – whether it’s a new outfit, a dating partner or a job opportunity – instantaneously.

This should help explain why candidates aren’t applying to your open jobs. But to really nail down the reasons, dig deeper. Consider the following possibilities:

Your application process is too cumbersome.

If it’s too complicated or time-consuming, a candidate will simply cancel out of your application process and move on to their next option. Be sure you can answer “yes” to all these questions:

  • Can candidates apply for my jobs online?
  • Can applicants upload their own resume if they choose?
  • Is my online application mobile-friendly?
  • Are there fewer than 12 required fields on my form?
  • Can people apply without creating an account?
  • Is there a save option, so a person can come back to their application at a later time?
  • Does my entire process take less than 20 minutes?
  • Can candidates apply without having a specific position in mind?

As a general rule, if a form is too difficult to get through or error boxes pop up during the process, it’s likely a candidate will abandon it in favor of something more user-friendly.

Your job listings are too bland.

Be creative as you craft your job descriptions and postings. Your goal is to set yourself apart from the competition with every word.

  • Be crystal clear about what you need and what you can offer in return. Highlight your unique benefits and the authentic culture that makes your organization a great place to work.
  • Do some competitive research. Find out how other companies advertise their positions and learn from best practices. Involve your marketing department if you need a little more flair.

Your brand needs a boost.

It could be that candidates aren’t applying to your open jobs because when they research your company, what they find simply isn’t very memorable.

  • The first thing an applicant does when considering a future employer is check them out online. Make sure your career page and employer review platforms give potential hires the information they need to lean in your direction and make an informed decision.
  • Candidates will imagine themselves working at your company – or not – based on the impression they get from your employer brand. Do you know if your brand is positive, negative or unmemorable? Ask yourself some honest questions, and gather feedback from your current employees as well. Who controls your brand – HR, marketing or a combined team? What does your social media presence look like? Where can applicants find evidence of your brand? And, if someone were to look for online reviews about working at your company, would they be positive or negative?

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Published on: Jan 29, 2019