The Ultimate Guide to Recognizing Your Employees

The Ultimate Guide to Recognizing Your Employees

Companies with a solid strategy for recognizing their employees enjoy stronger engagement, heightened morale, better customer service and lower turnover. Studies have shown that regularly acknowledging employee achievements has a winning ROI; up to 50 percent higher productivity and up to 20 percent growth in business outcomes.

Create Connections

Meaningful recognition is based on creating an emotional connection between your employees and your company, while supporting what your team members do each day and staying true to your organizational values.

Consider these new, as well as some tried-and-true, ways to make this happen:

  1. Survey Your Staff

Find out what type of recognition resonates most with your employees. Conduct company-wide surveys, and encourage managers to ask members of their staff how they most like to be recognized. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

  1. Align Your Recognition Program With Company Culture

When done right, employee recognition can have a tremendous positive impact on organizational culture. Your culture is core to everything you do, so build your program to align with it. This helps connect employees’ behavior to what your company believes, while strengthening your brand.

  1. Encourage Employees to Recognize Each Other

If you don’t already have one, start an “Employee of the Month” or similar program where people nominate their peers – or direct reports, supervisors, etc. – for going above and beyond to benefit their team, department or the company. You can set up your own system or use a software program like Bonusly, whereby employees redeem bonus points for gift cards and other rewards.

  1. Put Social Media to Work For You

Leverage your company social media sites to extend employee recognition. For instance, you could profile achievements and the employees who have realized them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Encourage people to use their personal social platforms to like and share your posts.

  1. Utilize Your Website

Dedicate a portion of your company website to outstanding team members and their accomplishments. In addition to their business bios, include information on their lives, passions, hobbies and interests.

  1. Try Gamification

New gamification tools make workplaces more game-like, offering points, badges and other incentives for doing good work. It’s not about turning everything into a game; it’s about using the best ideas from games – like loyalty programs and behavioral economics – to drive desired outcomes.

  1. Recognize Employees Passions

Support your high performers by giving them a few hours of paid time off to work on projects they’re passionate about, outside of work. This could be anything from volunteering at a local animal shelter to taking an art class or writing a food blog. When you value an employee’s passions, they know you value them as a unique individual.

  1. Celebrate Victories

Celebrate performance milestones. Highlight employees and teams who have made an outstanding effort, achieved superior results, or helped others to do the same. A pizza party, a lunch or a make-your-own-ice-cream-sundae bar is fun and energizing. And, it shows employees their efforts have not gone unnoticed. It may even incite others to strive for the same performance levels.

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Published on: Oct 9, 2018