Take Your Leadership Skills to the Next Level

Take Your Leadership Skills to the Next Level

Leadership is critical to every company – and it’s an important quality to develop as part of your career advancement goals. It’s not based on your job title or description, but rather on the ability to inspire others and set the right example for your team.

Tips for a Leadership Mentality

Are you a leader? If not, do you want to become one? Here are 10 leadership tips to set you on the right course:

  1. Think like a leader. As you determine how to become a better leader, the first step is to train yourself to think like one. Emulate professionals you admire and respect. Think and act like them – and eventually, you will become like them.
  2. Solve problems. Two key leadership tips are anticipating what might go wrong in any given situation and coming up with proactive solutions – as opposed to handing them off to others.
  3. Take responsibility. When leaders make mistakes, they don’t make excuses. Show you are responsible for all your actions – good and bad. Acknowledge your error, apologize and do whatever it takes to make things right. Treat it like the learning experience it is.
  4. Delegate. This is the key to leveraging yourself and your value to your company. Know the difference between what you should do personally and what you need to do to effectively manage.
  5. Negotiate. Leaders know their value and when and how to advocate for themselves, their team and their company – with respect and tact.
  6. Learn something every day. Foremost among leadership skills is always learning new things. This keeps your mind sharp and your skills fresh. Savvy professionals embrace every opportunity to acquire relevant knowledge and information.
  7. Be flexible. It’s inevitable: Something unexpected will Be adept at making back-up plans. Leaders are never stuck in one place, despite the circumstances. There is always another – make that better – way.
  8. Seek first to understand. In other words, listen. The best leaders are active listeners – open to suggestions, ideas and feedback from others, even though this input may differ from their own line of thinking. Good listeners know effective communication is not only about words, but also picking up on nonverbal cues, such as eye contact and body language.
  9. Practice discipline. People will gauge your capacity to lead by the amount of discipline you display. Do this by consistently meeting deadlines, keeping appointments and being true to your word. If you’re not naturally organized, start by taking small steps to improve – like getting up earlier or making a to-do list at the start of each workday.
  10. Inspire others. Being a leader means motivating and inciting others to do their best and collaborate as part of a successful team. Offer guidance, encouragement, support and sympathy. An above all else, lead by example.

Do you need more guidance in developing your leadership and related professional skills?

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Published on: May 1, 2019