Selling Food & Building Community with AJ Johnson

Selling Food & Building Community with AJ Johnson

In this episode of the Self-Checkout podcast, Tyler Kern and Grocery Store Mike are joined by Aaron "AJ" Johnson, the founder of The Oasis Fresh Market and The Oasis Projects. AJ shares the story behind The Oasis Fresh Market and its mission to offer food and build a sense of community for the residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

AJ delves into the heart and motivation behind The Oasis Fresh Market, highlighting the importance of food access and its impact on communities. He explains that The Oasis Fresh Market was established with the aim of providing fresh, healthy, and affordable food options to the people of Tulsa, particularly those living in food deserts.

The episode explores how The Oasis Fresh Market goes beyond being just a grocery store. AJ discusses The Oasis Projects, which are initiatives undertaken by the organization to address various social issues faced by the community. These projects include education programs, community gardens, and job training opportunities, all designed to empower and uplift the people of Tulsa.

Listeners gain insight into AJ's passion for creating a positive impact and fostering a sense of belonging in the community. He shares stories of individuals and families whose lives have been positively transformed through the resources and support provided by The Oasis Fresh Market and The Oasis Projects.

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Published on: Jun 8, 2023