Reconnecting with Michael Gorton, Telemedicine Pioneer & Entrepreneur

Reconnecting with M. Gorton, Telemedicine Pioneer & Entrepreneur

On the latest episode of “People. Process. Service.” co-hosts Bill Kasko and Tyler Kern were joined once again by Michael Gorton, the founder of Teladoc and serial entrepreneur. The group talked about how the world has changed since the last time they spoke, the importance of telemedicine, and what the future holds for entrepreneurs.

Michael Gorton was the last guest on the podcast before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world in 2020. As the founder of Teladoc, he was able to see the impact that his work had on the world during a time of tremendous need.

He went on to explain that his current venture, Recuro Health, is exploring how to turn healthcare on its head from being reactive to being proactive. Gorton compared the future of healthcare as similar to a gas gauge on a car, using data and measurements to proactively alert you when there is a problem.

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Published on Apr 30, 2023