Purpose vs. Practicality- Making Big Career Decisions

Purpose vs. Practicality- Making Big Career Decisions

When it comes to our careers, balancing purpose and practicality can feel challenging. There is a lot of push and pull between what we want and must do. But some insights can help you balance your passions and your purpose to have a fulfilling and productive career. Here are a few things to consider when making those big career decisions.

Consider the Unconventional

Considering the unconventional in your career is vital because it opens doors to innovative thinking and new opportunities. Traditional career paths might not always align with emerging fields and societal needs in a rapidly changing world. Embracing unconventional options encourages creativity, adaptability, and resilience, enabling you to find unique ways to contribute meaningfully to the world. It challenges the status quo, fostering personal growth and pushing boundaries, leading to discoveries about your passions and strengths that you might not have realized within conventional confines.

Reshape Your Current Career

It's possible to reshape your current career and infuse it with more meaning and purpose without necessarily shifting career paths. Finding fulfillment in your existing job often involves a shift in perspective and approach. This could mean identifying aspects of your current role that resonate with your values and strengths and focusing on those aspects. It might also involve taking on new challenges or projects within your current job that align with your passions, even if they are slightly unconventional.

Consider a Side-Hustle

A side hustle can significantly enhance your sense of purpose in your primary work by providing an outlet for your passions and creativity. Side hustles often allow you to pursue endeavors that might not be feasible within your main job, enabling you to explore unconventional or deeply personal interests. Engaging in a side hustle can also offer a sense of ownership and control, allowing you to create something meaningful that aligns with your values. When your side hustle aligns with your passions, it can bring a profound sense of fulfillment and purpose, positively impacting your overall mindset and satisfaction and influencing how you approach your primary job.

Change Your Perspective

Start by reframing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Identify aspects of your job that you enjoy or skills you can develop further, focusing on those positive elements. Cultivate gratitude for the lessons learned and experiences gained, even in difficult situations. Consider setting short-term goals that align with your interests, both within and outside your current role, creating a sense of purpose.

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Published on Nov 20, 2023