People. Process. Service: Bobby Barajas' Journey to IT Success

People. Process. Service: Bobby Barajas' Journey to IT Success
Everyone's journey to success is different, but learning about these journeys can be educational, uplifting, inspirational, and informative. Frontline Source Group's podcast "People. Process. Service" aims to highlight these inspirational people and the road, often unconventional, they took to get there. Today's guest is Bobby Barajas Chief Revenue Officer at GuideIT.
It was just one simple call from an old friend that sent Bobby on a journey building a sales organization from the front end, a new approach at the time for the IT industry, in the early 2000s. Today, he finds himself in charge of all the revenue for GuideIT. Barajas looks back to his own journey and how it affects how he chooses team members and what qualities stand out to him, like the ability to create and sustain relationships. Though not a stand-out student, Barajas had other attributes that lead him into a natural role excelling in sales.
"The fundamental foundation of consistently delivering in business is process," said Barajas, harkening back to seeing the success of the process in a franchise like McDonald's. Today, a consistent, written process is what keeps GuideIT churning along with success, from making sales to hiring new team members. Barajas even touches on family life, and how the patience and flexibility developed on the job are qualities that can and should bolster home life.
Barajas’ perspective on people, process, and service exudes the wisdom of a person with years of experience working closely with people.
CONTRIBUTOR: Bobby Barajas, Chief Revenue Officer at GuideIT. Bill Kasko CEO, Frontline Source Group

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Published on: Dec 5, 2019