Keep Employees Happy With These Four Tips

Keep Employees Happy With These Four Tips

Your employees are your greatest asset – and if you don’t keep them happy, they’ll find company that does. It’s that simple, and that important.

Competitive salaries are a good way to attract top talent, but not a proven way to keep high-performing workers on board. You need to foster a culture that constantly keeps people satisfied, motivated and experiencing a high quality of work life. Here are four tips to consider:


  1. Encourage social interaction.

Enabling better relations among co-workers can do wonders for employee happiness and productivity. When employees are friends with one another, they feel a deeper connection to their organization.

  • According to one Gallup poll, close work friendships increased employee satisfaction by 50 percent. Employees with a best friend at work were seven times more engaged.


  1. Be flexible.

An increasing number of employees are willing to sacrifice higher pay for better work/life balance. One recent study showed that millennial workers were willing to take an average $7,600 annual pay cut in exchange for a better work environment.

  • Find ways to make your company a place where people are excited to spend their time. In today’s workplace, this often outweighs compensation in terms of employee satisfaction.


  1. Be understanding.

When employees face challenges or crises that put their strength to the test, reach out to them. Be understanding and supportive. Let them know you truly care.

  • For a member of your staff, simply knowing their manager is there for them is a positive, powerful feeling. And it works both ways. When their issue is resolved and you need them to go the extra mile, it’s much more likely to happen.


  1. Recognize and reward.

If someone loves their work, takes pride in it and feels valued, there are many other ways besides a larger paycheck to show appreciation.

  • Celebrate individual and team achievements. Congratulate and acknowledge employees when they reach goals. This brings the workforce together and motivates others to achieve similar successes.
  • Be transparent about targets. An overwhelming 92 percent of employees in one study said they would work harder if their co-workers could see their goals.

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Published on Aug 2, 2018