How to Keep Candidates Engaged During the Application Process

How to Keep Candidates Engaged During the Application Process

Attracting top talent and keeping them interested in your company throughout your hiring process is an ongoing challenge. In today’s candidate-driven marketplace, the stakes are even higher. Unemployment is low, and there are a record-breaking number of unfilled jobs in virtually every industry.

It’s up to you to differentiate your organization from the competition and keep a constant focus on candidate engagement. Otherwise, most applicants won’t think twice before going elsewhere.

Do you need some best-practice ideas for engaging with your job candidates? Follow these suggestions.

Make Candidates Aware of Your Unique Employee Value Proposition

To optimize candidate engagement right from the start, have a smart recruitment marketing strategy that draws top talent to your door.

  • Define your EVP. Employee value propositions are messages that detail what a person can expect when they come to work for your company. The most successful EVPs emphasize professional development and career progression.
  • Build a genuine, authentic EVP. Seek regular feedback from employees so you know what’s working and what needs to improve. Revisit your EVP every three to five years to be sure it aligns with current business goals.

Revamp Your Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are a critical touch point where candidate engagement can be either solidified or broken. Make sure your JDs attract and inform candidates, and ultimately invite them to apply.

  • Every job description should highlight the unique benefits, perks and rewards of working at your organization versus anywhere else. Include links to resources that support your EVP.

Draw Candidates Into Your Company Culture

Once they’re aware of your EVP and familiar with your brand, job seekers will begin deliberating whether or not they want to apply with your company. Make it easy for them by highlighting your culture and all the reasons it’s great to be a part of it.

  • Optimize your career page for candidate engagement. Wow job seekers from the first moment they click on it. Be sure your page is mobile friendly, delivers a clear brand message, and walks candidates seamlessly and quickly through your application process.

Keep Candidates in the Loop.

Keep communication lines open and guide candidates through your hiring process as quickly and efficiently as possible. Avoid any delays, but if an inevitable hitch does occur, let the individual know why and continue to keep them in the loop. Once they’ve accepted your offer, set them up for success and a warm welcome.

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Published on: Jun 20, 2019