How to Decipher a Potential Employer's Company Culture BEFORE Accepting Your Offer

How to Decipher a Potential Employer's Company Culture

Before you accept a job, you want to know the company culture. But how do you discern it when researching online or talking to the hiring manager? Watching for red and green flags can help you make an informed decision about accepting your next job. Here are a few questions you can ask when assessing a potential employer before taking a position.

What is the Work/Life Balance Like?

Companies must acknowledge the effect work has on individual health. It may be a red flag if the company doesn't consider burnout and expects people to work unrealistic hours in an environment not conducive to positive mental health. You want to work somewhere that matches your expectations, not try to shoehorn your lifestyle into an environment that doesn't work.

What Personality Traits Thrive in This Position?

You want to ensure that what you bring to the table matches their expectations. When you try to project just what the employer wants to hear, you may be misaligned with their culture and the job itself. You're trying to determine if you're on the same page with the role and whether you'll be a good fit.

What are Your Big Picture Goals in the Community?

Many job seekers are interested in how a company fits into the big picture of the community. What does the company do to be a part of their community? What initiatives do they have in place for causes that are important to you, including social justice and the environment?

How Long Do People Typically Stay at Your Company?

Another good question is why the last person in this role left the company and how long they had been there. You can see if excessive turnover might indicate a culture problem with the company itself. You also want to know if they invest in the long-term development of the people who work for them.

When Can I Meet the Team?

Talking to others will be a big part of making a decision. The team will be people you work with regularly, and you need to know if you mesh with them rather than just taking it on faith that it will work out. If the interviewer hesitates to make the introductions, that could be a red flag.

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Published on: Jun 12, 2023