How A Staffing Agency Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

How A Staffing Agency Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

You want to hire the perfect person for your role. The direct hiring process can be very time-consuming and will pull you in multiple directions away from your regular work. A staffing agency can help in so many ways. Consider these things if you're wondering how an agency can streamline your hiring process. 

Candidate Sourcing

When you open a job in your organization, you might get dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes. Reviewing these is time-consuming and can take you away from your regular work. But when you work with a staffing agency, they handle all the candidate sorting and will not only place the ad but also review all the resumes to determine the best candidates to present. 


The recruiter will also do all the pre-screening necessary throughout this process. This means they will review all resumes, determine qualifications, and conduct an initial phone screen and a potential interview. 

Skills Assessments

In many cases, employment agencies will provide skills assessments to all candidates who apply, especially for specific types of jobs. This means they will only submit candidates who meet the specific qualifications or skill level for the position, so you have some knowledge of the individual's abilities before you make a selection. 

Standardized Background Checks

Your staffing partner will also handle necessary background checks. To maintain compliance, background checks must be standardized for all candidates based on your business needs. Your staffing agency will manage this process and ensure they are administered correctly. They will also conduct all reference checks before an offer. 

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Published on: Jan 16, 2023