How to Create a Fun Environment for Call Center Employees

How to Create a Fun Environment for Call Center Employees

Who says working in a call center can’t be fun?  

Employee happiness is critical to the success of your business – yet it’s sometimes overlooked in call center environments. This is unfortunate and even threatening to your company’s long-term success, because your call center is the gateway to your products, services, and sales.  

  • The happiness of your call center employees – or lack thereof – is likely to rub off on their callers. This could make or break your chances of a customer ever calling again or continuing to remain loyal.  
  • Speaking of loyalty: Research has shown that happy employees are more likely to stick around, remaining committed to your company for the long term. Equally important is the fact that happy employees tend to be more productive employees.  

Food, Feedback, Friendship and Flexibility  

It’s well worth the effort to create and maintain a positive working environment at your call center. In short, make it fun! And yes, there will be a lot of alliteration going on here …  

  • Feedback is fun – as long as it’s a two-way process. Consistently give and receive employee feedback. Your call center employees are your foot soldiers when it comes to customer service, so listen actively to what they have to say. Critique constructively – and let them do the same. Include peer-to-peer feedback: encourage employees to help each other out and learn from one another. This helps them develop closer relationships and collaborate better.  
  • Food is fun – at any time and on any level. Even if your budget is limited, you can buy some reasonably-priced snacks and pass them out, as a means of building employee fun. Halloween is right around the corner: How about some treats? Hmm … maybe even a Dress-Up Day and office trick or treating to go along with them … and give some money to a local charity for those who play along?  
  • Flexibility is most definitely fun. If an employee requests more flexible hours, consider their request and if possible, make it happen. And if someone has an idea for rethinking a call center function, hear them out. In today’s talent environment, work/life balance often overrules any other benefit you can offer. If you’re going to think outside even just one box, make it this one.  
  • Friendship is the most fun of all. Easy opportunities to relax and unwind are important when you’re fostering an environment that focuses on employee fun and satisfaction. Encourage employee socializing at lunch, on breaks, and after hours. According to one recent study, people with “best friends” at work were seven times more engaged. And, those who socialized and built work relationships took significantly fewer sick days as a result of this culture of friendship.  

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Published on: Oct 8, 2019