Five Tips to Help You Plan Ahead for Hiring in 2019

Five Tips to Help You Plan Ahead for Hiring in 2019

Successful hiring is about more than just tracking head count. Your 2019 HR business plan should make you stop and think about next year’s goals – and what adjustments will need to be made to your existing talent in order to meet them.

In today’s market, competition for the best talent is steep. How can you go into the new year prepared, and avoid being a firefighter; hiring only as needs arise, versus having a well-organized plan to stay ahead of the competitive curve? Here are five tips:


  1. Define your hiring needs.

Start with your leadership team to define specific 2019 hiring events or cycles to consider. What talent will you need to hire in the new year? When, and at what pace?

  • All members of your senior team are stakeholders in this process. So are their direct reports; specifically, those who own people, leadership and budget. Hiring plans are an opportunity for everyone in your organization to sing from the same song sheet and calibrate business goals against resources.


  1. Coordinate hiring needs across teams.

Have decision makers from various departments and functional areas share their information regarding business plans and hiring needs for 2019.

  • In planning for the new year, ensure that you’ll be hiring the right talent and keeping up with company plans and projections. By keeping all parties in the loop, you avoid costly redundancies and mistakes.


  1. Optimize the candidate experience.

The right candidate experience can make or break your hiring success. When planning for 2019, build a winning experience into your plan.

  • Every interview is a powerful marketing tool. You want every candidate to leave feeling impressed by your team and excited about the prospect of working for your company.
  • Make it personal. From start to finish, make every candidate interaction relevant and meaningful. The devil is in the details. Smile. Shake hands. Make eye contact. Offer coffee or a glass of water. Avoid HR-speak. And always keep candidates in the loop. Follow up with them promptly and answer all their questions, phone calls, emails and other inquiries.


  1. Build a talent pipeline.

Build your talent bench strength by developing a database of potential candidates, so you can avoid hiring strictly on as as-needed basis.

  • Your list can range from a simple spreadsheet to a full-fledged communication plan. Your goal should be a robust cultivation program that sends content to all your prospects on a regular basis. This keeps people connected to your company.


  1. Monitor your progress.

Taking the time to evaluate and understand your entire hiring process allows you to make more effective decisions and get the most out of your recruiting ROI.

  • Gather new hire feedback. Find out what was the easiest – and most difficult – about your process.
  • Use quality, speed and cost metrics. These qualitative measures will provide comprehensive insight into the overall effectiveness of your approach.

How can you be sure you take every step needed to guarantee success in planning for the new year?

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Published on: Dec 27, 2018