What Kind of Company are Top Engineers Looking to Work For?

What Kind of Company are Top Engineers Looking to Work For?

It’s no secret that the demand for top engineering candidates is off the charts in today’s marketplace. Manufacturing, mechanical, electrical and other specialty engineers are highly sought after as companies – and yours is likely no exception – need qualified staff to support new, innovative and constantly changing technologies.  

The smartest companies win this talent war by creating an environment that allows their engineers to optimize their skills and passions, solve challenging problems, and work in a culture that offers them the perks and pluses they need the most.  

Here are some ideas for targeting qualified candidates to your organization:  

Provide opportunities to solve cutting-edge tech challenges.  

Respect the drive, dedication and problem-solving ability of the engineer, as well as their need to work with other exceptional professionals.   

  • Make sure you communicate the story of your company and the unique challenges you plan to tackle. Demonstrate why a candidate should want to join you.   
  • The best engineers don’t define themselves by programming languages or other technical tools. Rather, they are phenomenal problem solvers who know how to use the right tools and techniques for the job.  

Be honest about your culture, benefits and future outlook.  

Top candidates are looking for top benefits. Be as transparent as possible as you customize packages and offer the best options possible. Among the most popular perks are additional vacation time, flexible hours, telecommuting, medical and other insurance, fully vested 401(k) plans, on-site childcare, pre-paid legal services, paid certification and a pleasant work environment.  

  • Sell your company as a wise investment in their future. In addition to perks, lock in candidates by sharing your current revenue, anticipated growth, market share, and any expansion plans in the works. These are the people who will make your company run, so they need to have buy-in.  

Build trust.  

Treat your candidates and employees right – and they will become your brand ambassadors. High-demand engineers can pick and choose where they work. As they make this decision, one of their most trusted and credible sources is their peers in the industry.  

  • If you care for your people and build their trust, they’ll return the favor with productivity, loyalty, and as recruiters for other like-minded professionals. When employees feel valued, they naturally promote your brand – and refer their friends.  

Headquartered in Dallas with a growing network of offices, clients and candidates nationwide, Frontline Source Group specializes in matching top engineering talent with leading employers. This includes access to highly desirable passive candidates who work with us to select the best opportunities and provide the greatest value to employers. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more. 

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Published on Oct 16, 2019