How to Sell Candidates: Not Just the Job, but the Location

How to Sell Candidates: Not Just the Job, but the Location

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware it’s a candidate’s market when it comes to recruiting, hiring and retaining talent. As of the end of July 2019, U.S. unemployment was at a near-historic low of 3.7%. In a nutshell, this means every worthwhile candidate gets to pick and choose where they want to work.

So, how do you convince an exceptional candidate to take a position at your company? Sure, money matters. Culture counts. Feeling appreciated, valued and part of the team is fundamental to success. But another key factor is location. Or, as real estate experts have been telling us forever, “Location, location, location!


How to Secure High-Quality Talent

Gallup researchers have discovered that what attracts high-quality talent differs from what attracts lower-quality candidates. High-quality talent is defined as individuals who are not only well qualified for a position but are also likely to remain a part of your company for a longer time.

  • Ask candidates what it would take for them to make a move. Then, see if you can deliver on their response. Meta-analysis shows when companies select the top 20% of candidates based on a thorough assessment of their needs, they typically realize a 10% increase in productivity; a 20% boost in sales; a 30% rise in profitability; a 10% decrease in employee turnover; and a 25% drop in unscheduled employee absences.

Understand a Candidate’s Mindset

When you’re selling a position, don’t just pitch the job. Sell the career move, including all the reasons why a person’s life would be better if they relocated to your geographic area. And remember, it doesn’t matter what you like about that area – only what they would like.

  • Step into their shoes. What does a candidate’s personal life look like? If their spouse or significant other is moving with them, does that person have a career opportunity in the area? If they have children, find the best nearby schools, day camps, sports leagues and family cultural attractions. If they’re a new grad, where is the coolest place to go to meet like-minded Gen Z counterparts? And regardless of their age or other demographic traits, what can you do to make their commute easy – or even better – provide flexible scheduling as needed?


Looking for New Candidates?

For additional tips on selling your company to prospective candidates, contact the Frontline Source Group team today. We’re one of the fastest-growing placement firms in the United States. Our success stems from building strong partnerships with our clients and operating as a seamless extension of their internal hiring teams – and we look forward to working with you. 

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Published on: Sep 18, 2019