3 Ways to Keep Candidates From Ghosting You

3 Ways to Keep Candidates From Ghosting You

The term “ghosting” is generally associated with dating, especially the online version. But it has quickly become common when it comes to job candidates, as well. This actually makes sense when you think about it ... because you court top talent in hopes of developing a long-term relationship with them, too. 

Sure, it’s unprofessional. But that doesn’t stop candidate ghosting from occurring. Here’s what it typically looks like: You’ve selected your number-one candidate for a position and sent them an offer letter. Based on how things went during your hiring process, all systems seemed to be “go.” But then, just like a ghost, the candidate seems to disappear into thin air. Poof! They simply vaporize … leaving you disappointed, frustrated and confused. 


You’re Not Alone 

Recent research shows that 95 of recruiters have experienced candidate ghosting. With unemployment at a 19-year low, ghosting has increased by 10to 20 over the past year. Here are three ways you can avoid it: 

1. Be transparent throughout your hiring process. Tell candidates your expected hiring timeline and give them an overview of what the full process will look like. Sixty-four percent of candidates who have had a great hiring experience say they planned to grow their long-term relationship with an employer, even if they didn’t get the job. 

2. Keep communication lines open. Ghosting works both ways – and so does effective communication. Results of one study showed that 52%of employers had not followed up with job candidates after three months. So for many applicants, ghosting may be a form of payback. Touch base with talent early and often, and keep them apprised of their status. This is especially important if you encounter any unexpected delays in your hiring process. Provide personalized feedback from start to finish and, of course, once they are on board. 

3. Keep the focus on the candidate. From the first moment you meet a candidate, create a comfortable environment and set the stage for genuine conversation. Discover what motivates and is most important to them. Ask open-ended questions to learn more about their passions and aspirations. Then, give them a clear sense of how you will support them in meeting their goals. This helps foster a strong relationship right from the start. It also gives you an idea how well a person will adapt to your company culture and fit in with the rest of your team. 



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Published on: Aug 20, 2019