6 Things Your Executive Talent Wants from their Employer

6 Things Your Executive Talent Wants from their Employer

Are you looking for top executive talent to join your team? What do you need to offer candidates to bring them on board and retain them in a challenging employment climate? Here are six things your executive talent wants from their employer that you can implement to attract and retain the best candidates. 

Competitive Pay

Salary will always be at the top-of-mind for executives looking for new positions. You need to ensure that your compensation is on par with similar jobs at the same level in your area. Conducting research online through sources like Salary.com is an excellent first step. You can determine any changes based on location, remote work, or additional considerations. 

Flexibility in Work

Flexibility can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Flexibility in schedule has become an increasingly important perk for people at all levels. Today, remote work, hybrid schedules, or flexible schedules are essential for executive talent. Flexibility can also be present in the type of work. Your new executive hire may want to be able to have a hand in multiple projects to keep their engagement fresh. 

Tuition Reimbursement

Undoubtedly, student debt is a primary concern for so many Americans. Tuition prices have skyrocketed, and many people, including those looking for executive roles, are buried under debt. Add to that the desire to advance education, people are struggling. By providing tuition reimbursement or the ability to pay for extended education, you can attract big players to your company. 

Family Leave

The ability to take time off is also a big discussion point, and it's often centered around parental leave. While maternity and paternity leave is vital for many people, extending the option to family leave for various reasons will help executives decide on accepting the job. Family leave offers new parents a chance to stay home and allows caregivers for other family members to take advantage of the time off. 

Retirement Benefits

Pensions used to be a massive sell in American corporations, but they aren't as common anymore. However, retirement benefits are still a significant perk for employees who want to make their contributions matter for their future. Providing access to 401(k) and matching programs can go a long way to increasing executive retention. 

Great Health Insurance

Health insurance is considered the baseline benefit for most companies. But with rising prices and challenges around the current healthcare system, it's crucial to provide good quality insurance to your team. Shop around to determine the best products in your market and how to make them available. 

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Published on: Apr 5, 2022