6 Candidate Red Flags to Watch out For

6 Candidate Red Flags to Watch out For

It's not always easy to find the right candidate for a job, and this market can make it more complicated. Even with the effects of The Great Resignation and more job openings than job seekers, finding the right candidate is still challenging. If you're looking for your next all-star, here are the six red flags you should watch for in the process.

Inappropriate Online Presence

Social media is no longer optional for many people. And that means your potential candidates have a presence on sites like Instagram and Twitter. These sites are also public, so you can see what they post. This might be a red flag if their content is inappropriate or unprofessional.

Bad Mouthing Previous Employers

One of the biggest red flags that is impossible to come back from is a candidate speaking negatively about a former employer. Why? Because if they are willing to say things of this nature about a past employer, they may have a pattern of behavior to do it again in the future. Even if the information is accurate, etiquette indicates candidates should remain positive or neutral.

Inability to prove Skills

Many roles require specific skills for success. Companies sometimes offer skills testing to assess if the candidate can meet these requirements. If someone indicates they have particular skill levels but cannot demonstrate that level of competency, that is a red flag.

Negative Attitude

Yes, sometimes the job market can be frustrating. But job seekers need to know not to take that out on the next interviewer. However, they often fall into the trap of negativity, trying to find the worst in a situation before they even look for the best. If they can't get out of a negative attitude, it may be best to move on.

Poor Listening Skills

Comprehension is vital for many jobs. If your candidates struggle to listen or their answers to questions are strangely non-sequitur, they may have a problem that will affect their ability to do their job. Look for active listening skills instead rather than someone who only listens long enough to formulate an answer.

Being Unprepared

Finally, a major red flag for job seekers is coming to the interview unprepared. Maybe they were late. Perhaps they didn't research the company and asked questions such as, "What does your company do?" Maybe they didn't truly match their skills to your requirements. Whatever the case, a pattern of being unprepared can follow them through the job.

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Published on: Jul 10, 2022