5 Perks to Leveraging a Staffing Firm

5 Perks to Leveraging a Staffing Firm

As a business leader, hiring is one of the most challenging tasks you take on. It can be time-consuming, expensive and frustrating if you struggle to find the right candidates. The longer it takes, the more your company stands to lose in productivity, efficiency and morale, as important positions remain vacant. 

Partnering with the right staffing firm can make all these headaches go away – and give you an expert resource you can turn to whenever the need arises. Here are five advantages to such a partnership: 


You save time. Hiring takes time – a lot of time. Among the many steps involved are composing job posts, advertising, scanning resumes and applications, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and completing reference checks and pre-employment testing. And you want to fill open jobs ASAP so as not to burden other employees with added responsibilities. Your staffing firm can significantly reduce this time frame, as they have immediate access to prescreened, qualified candidates. 

Staffing firms offer benefits. Especially if you need to hire someone on a temporary basis, you may not be in a position to offer a robust benefits package. Temporary workers are actually employed by and have access to benefits through your staffing firm. 

You make good hires. Not only do the experts at your staffing firm know which skills and qualifications you’re seeking, they’re also experienced at evaluating candidates and knowing which ones will successfully fit your company culture. This can help you avoid hiring mistakes, which according to the U.S. Department of Labor, usually cost at least 30 % of an employee’s first-year earnings. 

Your staffing firm has industry experience. One of the biggest advantages of staffing firms is you can select one that specializes in your industry. They understand your specific needs, the requirements for each job, and current hiring trends and salaries. They have access to both active and passive candidates and market intelligence, as a result of their contacts and expertise.  

You save money. A vacant position for weeks on end costs you in terms of morale, productivity and possibly even safety or quality. But if the need is crucial, your staffing firm can have a qualified worker on site at your company within a matter of hours. If this person is a temporary employee, you have the added advantage of “trying before you buy” to evaluate them as a possible permanent hire. 


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Published on Jul 4, 2019