3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Get Involved With Job Fairs

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Get Involved With Job Fairs

In today’s digital age, you may assume job fairs are passé as a recruitment tool for your company. But despite all the latest technological advances, nothing replaces the value of face-to-face interaction as you seek to attract top talent.

  • A recent survey by SHRM and Career Journal revealed that 70 percent of HR departments continue to rely on job fairs as part of their hiring process.

Here are three key ways employers can benefit from job fairs:


  1. Greater Access to Candidates

By getting involved in a job fair, you have access to a large number of candidates concentrated in one place. This saves time, energy and resources at the initial screening stages of your hiring process.

  • You can have real conversations with potential hires, versus simply reviewing a resume or an online profile. It’s a great way to begin gauging personality and cultural fit early on. Often, employers decide to offer first-round interviews as a result.


  1. Increased Brand Awareness

Your presence at job fairs helps get your company name out into the marketplace in a positive light. You can promote your brand not only among job seekers, but also students, staff and other employers.

  • Promote your company the smart way. Select your best brand ambassadors to represent you at job fairs – those who are personable, outgoing and naturally engaging, without being “phony” or aggressive.


  1. Networking

Every networking opportunity is a plus, and job fairs are no exception. In addition to building your relationship with the sponsoring school or organization, you can meet and interact with other recruiters and with professionals in your field.


A Few More Tips

Here are some additional tips on how to get involved in a job fair and make the most of the experience:

  • Have a strong visual display and collateral materials. Your booth needs to be eye-catching. The more job seekers you attract, the deeper your talent pool will be at the end of the day. Draw people in with the right marketing materials. On this note, an added benefit of a job fair is the opportunity to get your company, name, logo and website attached to whatever promotional items the sponsoring organization issues. As noted by Michael Petro of the University of Connecticut’s Center for Career Development, it’s a “marketing multiplier.”
  • Clearly identify your current openings. Post a “Now Hiring For …” sign and list your available jobs. This goes a long way in ensuring the right candidates stop by.
  • Build relationships. Don’t just refer booth visitors to your website or advise them to “go online and apply.” Engage with them, so they feel they have an “in” as a result of meeting you.
  • Move from behind your table. Work the crowd. Show your own enthusiasm for your job. You can’t always expect talent to come to you, especially when your competitors are on hand, looking for the same candidate skill sets.

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Published on: Dec 4, 2018