3 Job Description Red Flags Scaring Away Potential Applicants

3 Job Description Red Flags Scaring Away Potential Applicants

Job advertisements and descriptions may be more important than you realize. They have the potential to make or break your open positions, and they could be driving talent away rather than inviting them to apply. There are some things you can do that can improve your job descriptions and attract top talent, including being specific, eliminating certain biases, and showcasing your culture. Here are the top 3 job description red flags that scare away potential applicants.

No Professional Balance

One of the biggest red flags today is the lack of work/life balance. Fewer employees are willing to sacrifice their personal time for a business. This includes phrases like "Must be available 24/7" or expectations of answering emails outside of work hours. Other phrases that turn away more candidates than they attract are "fast-paced environment" and "must thrive under pressure." Today's Employees are looking for a better work/life balance, which could include remote work arrangements, flexible schedules, or results-oriented expectations.

Inappropriate Boundaries

Some companies also cross lines to what would be appropriate for a workplace relationship. For example, when companies say they treat their team like a family, this isn't the benefit that it might sound like. It could indicate that workplace boundaries are not respected, and people are expected to do more in their lives than work for an organization. When these professional boundaries are crossed, it can set up challenging workplace dynamics, including not respecting when someone needs to prioritize their personal needs over the organization.

No Pay or Benefits Listed

Today, one of the biggest challenges with job postings is a lack of details about the pay or benefits offered. Some places have passed laws requiring more transparency regarding pay rate disclosure. If you're not posting this information within the job description, you could be turning away more candidates than you attract. You can provide a range for the salary that matches the industry standards, the typical pay rate for that role in your area, and what fits your budget.

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Published on Jul 10, 2023

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