“Make Dreams Happen!”

“Codie Q (Recruiter) & Colette R (Account Executive) for Frontline Source Group, Inc. know their client and their resources and how to make positive successful matches. If in need of a career contact Frontline.” - Happy Resource, Five Stars, March 1, 2018

In the world of customer service staffing agencies, call centre recruitment agencies, and customer service temp agencies, both employers and candidates seek to find the kind of employment agency which will be proactive in every aspect of the connecting of candidate to organizational placement. Taking the time to get to know a business, their culture, and the kind of candidate they seek is integral to finding successful matches everyone is excited about.

For qualified candidates, working with Frontline Source Group means we will be communicative and personalized based on your needs and wishes. There’s no forcing the proverbial square peg into round holes here at Frontline because we understand that investing the time early in the job-placement process leads to long-term viability and job satisfaction. Whether we are dealing in temp-to-hire, direct hire, or temporary staffing needs, top talent turns to Frontline Source Group because our track record of these temporary placements often becoming permanent, career-type jobs speaks for itself.

For employers looking for a customer service staffing agency that coordinates temporary staffing and direct hire staffing placements with our access to top talent in the field of customer service and call center positions, Frontline Source Group has a lot to offer. We are among the top customer service staffing agencies in the entire nation because of our dedication to “People, Process, and Service.” Our specialized recruiters have the skill set to analyze your business in order to help you determine the best kind of candidate to fill your need(s). Whether your organization seeks a call center manager, a response services representative, bilingual customer service, or even a technical support representative of some kind, we at Frontline Source Center are passionate about saving your business on the bottom line while offering candidates who fit in nicely with the current cultural climate of your organization’s place of work.

Nationwide Staffing Agency Awards

We don’t just talk the talk here at one of the top call center staffing agencies around, we walk it. We have the industry recognition to prove it, too.

  • In 2016, Staffing Industry Analysts, the global advisor on contingent work, named Frontline Source Group #1 Best Staffing Agency to Work For. We’ve also received this award in 2014 and 2015.
  • 2018 Inavero Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction & Talent Satisfaction - Presented by CareerBuilder, this is the nation’s only award recognizing staffing firm that received remarkable reviews from clients. We have received this award in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, in addition to 2018.
  • Dallas 100 Winner - Southern Methodist University Cox Caruth Institute named us among the Top 100 fastest growing privately-held companies in North Texas. We received this award in 2008, 2009, and 2013.
  • ASA Staffing Voice Award Winner in 2011 - The American Staffing Association awarded us in areas that included Multimedia, Social Media, Promotion of ASA Membership, and Best Overall Communication within the staffing industry. We also received this recognition in 2008 and 2011.

If we were to list every single award we’ve received over the years, it would take too long for you to read it, too long for us to write it out, and we’d no doubt get accused of tooting our own horn a bit too much. That being said, take the above examples as evidence of a greater body of work in the field of call center staffing agencies.

Customer Service Staffing Agency: What Sets Us Apart

While glowing testimonials and a host of national and local recognitions is nothing to turn your nose up at, we are still aware that businesses have choices in reference to selecting a customer service staffing agency. Whether you are a candidate with experience and talent in telemarketing or you are an organization in dire need of a temporary inside sales or quality assurance position, all you have to do is go online and search “temporary services near me” to find listing and after listing of customer service temp agencies. We at Frontline want to explain how we set ourselves apart from the competition beyond the (important) surface-level of awards and a strong online reputation. We will then highlight what we can do for employer and candidates on a more particular basis.

A Commitment To Communication

A foundational pillar of our call center staffing agency is upfront, honest, and effective communication. While we aren’t sure there are too many professionals out there who would disagree with the assertion that “good communication” is key to the success of any kind of business, we would submit that many a business fails to actualize that belief into something more impactful in a practical way. What we mean is this: irrespective of whether we are talking about the top call center temp agency around or a business in a completely different industry altogether, the efficacy of one’s business is often determined by the average employee’s commitment to be goal-oriented as opposed to operating in timidity and perhaps fear.

We all have seen it: when corporate culture turns sour, people get more concerned with covering their you-know-what’s than actually solving the problem. At Frontline Source Group, we are all pulling in the same direction, which means there is no need to be concerned with petty blame when we are all working toward the same goal. What is that goal? Simple: connecting top talent with organizations in need of customer service, administrative, financial, HR, IT, engineering, and oil & gas temporary, direct hire, and temp-to-hire work.

As a call center and customer service recruiters, we know a thing or two about how a company needs to operate in order to be successful in the long run. So while communication is a vital component of any well-functioning organization, it only functions as a virtue when a staff is more concerned with results than mistakes. We aren’t a perfect employment agency by any means, but we are dedicated to finding placements both employers and candidates are excited about. The fact that our agency sees so many placements become permanent within the first year of placement serves as a testament to this fact.

Organizational Impact

Choosing the right customer service temporary agency can have a dramatic impact on the success of your business in a variety of ways. While most employers typically only think about recruitment agencies when they are in need of temporary or direct hire work, our sole purpose is to refine our process so we can deliver your organization exactly what it requires.

Customer Service Staffing

In reference customer service more specifically, it’s likely no secret to tell that someone who represents your business must be professional and competent. In terms of customer satisfaction, having a high-quality customer service representative can make or break your business. Be it in person over as a call center representative, we find talent that can troubleshoot problems, identify areas of opportunity and improvement, and clear up any existing confusion. Finding proactive, self-driven individuals is the name of the game when it comes to connecting hiring managers with motivated, skilled individuals.

Be Flexible As Demand Fluctuates

Though it depends on your industry and seasonality, demand can fluctuate without much warning. The need for customer service and call center staff likewise changes frequently. If your business has recently launched a new product, you might need to hire talent equipped to troubleshoot consumer questions and potential problems. You might also require an outbound sales team that can competently head up a campaign without weeks or months of training to get acclimated. If you let us know your priorities, we will make it our mission to check all the right boxes for your organizational needs.

Avoid Antagonizing Your Core Staff

As demand fluctuates, it can be a very tempting idea to put more on the plate of your core staff. Oftentimes, added responsibility comes with improved pay, and many an employee will chomp at that proverbial carrot. But others might become antagonized, even with the prospect of a raise involved, because it will disrupt their work-life balance. When faced with the quandary of overtaxing your permanent employees against the potential of not having sufficient coverage when demand skyrockets, we’d like to present a third option. Utilize a customer service recruitment agency to get the short-term help you need. This is a far and away superior solution to overworking your core staff, not having enough coverage, or even hiring employees only to lay them off shortly down the road. Layoffs are a detriment to company morale and ought to be avoided when possible. But guess what? Avoidance is possible when you work with the best customer service employment agency around!

How Temporary Staffing Is Advantageous

One of the chief benefits of utilizing call center and customer service temps is that these types of employees can be utilized on an ad-hoc basis. That is, as you need them, they can make sure there are no shortages in coverage. Frontline Source Group offers flexible staffing options for you to choose from. Regardless of your industry type, we are confident you’ll find the following staffing options to be advantageous:

  • Fill open roles quickly
  • Reduce turnover rates
  • Ensure client satisfaction
  • Achieve performance metrics

You want to find a customer service staffing agency that can help you address these issues. We are that staffing agency here at Frontline -- but we do much more than that. Our call center and customer service professionals are highly-trained, experienced, and productive in their ability to perform the following basic, vital abilities:

  • Upsell and cross-sell on calls
  • Solve complex problems independently
  • Think on their feet
  • Quickly adapt to challenges

Whether you need someone who is capable of combining customer service tasks with data entry or are in need of someone with a proven inside sales or outbound sales track record, we’ll make sure you find who you are looking for. We leverage our experienced recruiters and streamlined communication to ensure that all of us at Frontline are on the same page. This has the net effect of providing you with the talent and culture fit that you need.

Which Customer Service Positions Do You Specialize In?

Excellent question! We have a track record of success in an array of position types, but some of the more common placements are listed below.

  • CSR
  • Call Center Manager
  • Inbound Call Center
  • Outbound Call Center
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Technical Support Representative
  • Bilingual Customer Service
  • Quality Assurance
  • Inside Sales
  • Telemarketing
  • Response Services Representative
  • Customer Service Manager

If you do not see the role you are in need of, don’t worry! There is a strong chance we are capable of finding your business the qualified candidate you are looking for.

A Focus On Our Candidates

“Movers And Shakers”

“I had signed up with four staffing agencies with no results. A week after signing up online with Frontline I was offered the type of position I was wanting, and I am happy they were able to match me up with a company where my skill set can be used!” - Janet McQuay, Five Stars February 27th, 2018

As Janet has attested above, we aren’t only concerned with the satisfaction of our employer-clients. Indeed, just briefly browsing our testimonials will showcase our outstanding ability to find candidates ideal positions in terms of role, pay, and culture.

More specifically, we offer a range of benefits other call center employment agencies by and large do not. From direct deposit payroll to holiday and vacation pay to medical benefit options, we are your advocates.

Another point of interest is that candidates do not have to pay a fee to Frontline. Our employer-clients handle that aspect. To get a more complete understanding of the process with regards to the candidate experience and process, our FAQ resource is a great place to start.  

If, however, you are ready to search for jobs, upload your resume, or apply, you have those options as well.

Whether you are an employer or a candidate, reach out to us at Frontline Source Group to get the ball rolling today!