Your Interviewing Process is Costing you Top Talent

Your Interviewing Process is Costing you Top Talent

Think back to your hiring process. How many interviews did your last candidate have to attend? Were there several? How long did the process take? Was it months? How many candidates turn down job offers? There could be several reasons your interview process costs you tip talent, and this blog breaks them down. 

Make the Application Process Easier

In a recent study published by the Society of Human Resource Management, an astounding 92% of applicants quit the application process before completion. They recommend that managers go through their own online application to see how it can be simplified. By making it more difficult, you're not just weeding out unqualified candidates but also top talent. 

Remove or Consolidate Interview Rounds

Another bottleneck for many job seekers is the interview process. Some companies stack interviews several deep, often making the candidate come back multiple times before deciding. But it's a competitive market, and one extra interview can cost you top talent. Instead, consolidate and streamline your interview process to be able to make a decision based on only a couple of meetings. 

Avoid Overly Generic Interviews

Sometimes interviewers get into trouble by not asking challenging questions. It's okay to dig into the technical aspects of the job to determine if someone is a good fit. And the candidate will appreciate it in the long run. They won't feel like the meeting is just a formality, but they'll also be able to get a feel for what the job is really like. 

Follow Up on Time

Finally, make sure you're following up with all applicants in a timely matter, even those who won't be receiving a job offer. How you treat your candidates will affect how you can hire in the future, as your reputation will be in full view for anyone considering applying to jobs. You want to make the offer to your top candidate quickly, so they don't have time to accept a different position, but you also want to leave the rest of the candidates with a positive experience. 

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Published on: Jun 27, 2022