Why is it Important to Recognize Your Temporary Employees?

Why is it Important to Recognize Your Temporary Employees?

If you haven’t heard this statistic already, it’s one that, as an employer, you should be aware of: Research has proven that happy employees are an average of 12 percent more productive than their less-satisfied counterparts. And recognizing your employees – whether they are temporary or permanent – goes a long way toward keeping morale, engagement and satisfaction levels at healthy highs.

  • Simply thanking your employees for a job well done fosters an atmosphere of trust. Temporary employees need this just as much as regular full-timers. In one study, nearly 90 percent of workers who received recognition from their bosses indicated higher levels of trust in that supervisor. Among those who received no recognition, only 48 percent said they trusted their managers.

The Value of Temporary Employees

Being a temporary employee isn’t always easy. A temp is someone who walks into a completely unfamiliar environment, prepared to hit the ground running and work with people they’ve never met before. While this is not totally unlike the challenges faced by a permanent hire, it’s different because they’re … well … temporary. By nature, they understand their tenure at your company likely has an expiration date. Yet, during this time, they need to assimilate into your culture and find the best ways to contribute.

To avoid having your temporary employees slip through the cracks when it comes to recognition, try these tactics:

  • Tie their perks directly to your company. Extend the same employee and vendor discounts and exclusive products to them that you would to your permanent team members. This is a great way to both incentivize temps and give them a sense of pride in your organization.
  • Set temp-specific performance goals. If you already have performance-based incentives, consider offering a similar program tailored to your seasonal or temporary employees. For each task or responsibility, work with your management team to generate appropriate goals. Convey these to employees at the time they start working for your company; then provide periodic reminders to keep them engaged and enthusiastic.
  • Rewards don’t have to be expensive. When recognizing your employees, you don’t have to break your budget. You can offer non-financial perks like flextime or cross training to help them enhance their professional skill sets. A shout-out on company or social media boosts productivity and makes people feel like they’re truly part of the team.
  • Consider making them permanent. An excellent way to maximize the performance of temporary employees is to give them the prospect of permanent employment at your company. Once you make offers to a significant number of temporary workers, word will spread and you can tap into valuable networks for deepening your long-term talent pool.

Do you need additional employee recognition ideas – or assistance in building your bench strength via professional temporary or permanent staffing?

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Published on Jun 5, 2019