What Steps Are Missing From Your Employee Screening Process?

What Steps Are Missing From Your Employee Screening Process?

Is it time to rethink your employee screening strategy?

Your process has to be efficient, so you don’t risk losing valuable candidates due to a cumbersome, lengthy system – which could drive them away from you and straight to your competition. But it also has to be effective – or you risk an even costlier outcome: a bad hire. How do you strike the right balance?

There are certain corners that cannot be cut as you fine-tune your employee screening process. These include:

Comprehensive Background Checks

A common mistake on the part of employers is beginning background checks too late because they fail to understand how long it takes to complete them. Recent research supports this, showing that two in five companies lose candidates due to a poor experience with their background screening process.

  • Review all applications with candidates as a check for accuracy of information. This can help avoid delays later on in the event something needs to be verified.
  • Leverage online tools. Take advantage of available technology to reduce the chance of data errors or duplicate information, and to expedite obtaining candidates’ permission to run screens.
  • Keep candidates in the loop. Regularly update applicants on where you stand in finalizing their offer. This way, even if it does take longer than expected, you’ve kept communication lines open, so they understand why.

Customized Screening Packages

Using the exact same criteria and screening package for every position is another common pitfall. It’s a good idea to work with a knowledgeable recruiter to tailor packages to individual roles. Evaluate coverage, speed, cost and risk before making a decision.

Assessment of Candidates’ True Potential

Candidates often include misleading statements on job application materials. In fact, 85 percent of all resumes contain some type of falsified or exaggerated information. Similarly, people can be deceptive during interviews in an attempt to be impressive.

  • A personality test provides objective, data-driven insights. It helps you accurately measure workplace personality traits and occupational scores that are predictive of on-the-job performance. By providing an overview of an individual’s behavioral tendencies, it allows you to understand whether they will be a top performer and how well they will fit your company culture.

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Published on Jun 13, 2019