What Can You Learn From Your Employees?

What Can You Learn From Your Employees?

You’re the boss, so it’s your job to teach, coach and guide the people who work for you, right?

Right. But learning is a two-way street. And like any healthy relationship, the employer/employee bond goes both ways. As much as you teach and guide your employees, you can also learn from them – as long as you keep an open perspective and remain committed to building your own skills and mindset.

Here’s what your employees can teach you:

To Embrace New Ideas

Employees offer a fresh perspective as you cultivate a working environment that invites open discussion and idea sharing. Especially when you collaborate with newly hired and younger workers, you can stay abreast of what’s trending and keep up with technological and other developments.

To Improve Your Hiring and Onboarding

Hiring and onboarding are an employee’s first interactions with your company. Although you’re integrally involved with these processes, chances are you haven’t actually gone through them in a while. Yet, constantly evaluating and tweaking them is critical.

  • New hires are more apt to provide a clear picture of how you can improve your hiring and onboarding. Take a continuous feedback approach. Compare and contrast recruiting successes, learn what’s going right and wrong, and determine how you can modify things to effectively reach top talent in the future.

To Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Feedback from your employees can help you to become a better manager and leader.

  • Consider anonymous surveys or performance review software to keep things objective. Ask direct questions to get the most constructive results.

To Build Community and Rapport

Look closely at the relationships between your team members, learn from them, and use them to foster a healthy culture and build a sense of community in your workplace.

  • Draw inspiration as you find out what makes people happy. It may be taking days off to volunteer or sharing pizza parties every Friday at lunch. On-the-job happiness enhances morale, productivity and loyalty.

To Foster Trust

Great employees teach their bosses to trust in their ability to get the job done.

  • Take this lesson to heart. Don’t micromanage. Rather, lead, facilitate, be accessible – and then let go and trust your team. The end results will be well worth it.

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Published on: Aug 17, 2018