The Key to a Healthy Relationship With Your Staffing Agency

The Key to a Healthy Relationship With Your Staffing Agency

To ensure successful hiring, it’s essential to communicate effectively with your staffing agency. Staying engaged via ongoing communication will ensure the best possible results and a smooth recruitment process.

Tips for Success

Use these tips to ensure successful communication with your staffing agency when it comes to information, goals, plans and strategies:

  • Lay down the process from start to finish.

    Successful recruitment involves several stages, from sourcing and selecting candidates to hiring, onboarding and retention. Discuss the entire process with your staffing agency. Be sure to include such specifics as the time required for each phase and all related logistics.
  • Discuss job requirements in full detail.

    Include specific technical skills, required degrees, certifications and licensures, and all details on how candidates will be assessed. Set clear guidelines regarding terms of service, major milestones, and any sensitive or delicate issues related to filling a position.
  • Outline your business policies.

    These might include dress code and hours, just to name a few. Give your agency representative a good idea of your company culture and what type of professional would succeed there.
  • Be involved.

    Hold regularly scheduled calls and updates. A good rule of thumb is to schedule these weekly. Even if you have no immediate needs, take the opportunity to discuss long-term plans and hypothetical scenarios. This way, you can avoid fighting recruitment fires. Be transparent about your current situation, as well as upcoming needs and challenges.
  • Be sure communication is two way.

    Keep your agency informed of any updates or changes to your staffing plan. And, be sure they keep you informed of their progress. Use whatever tactics work best – meetings, phone calls, online sessions or other tools – to keep communication flexible and accommodating for everyone involved.

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Published on: Nov 6, 2018