The 5 Tech Skills to Look for While Recruiting Top Talent in 2023

The 5 Tech Skills to Look for While Recruiting Top Talent in 2023

They say it's a jobseeker's market, but you can spot and hire top talent in the tech industry when you know where to look. What skills are most in demand today? Here are five top tech-related skills superstar tech employees must have this year.

Artificial Intelligence

AI, machine learning, and the internet of things are all critical technologies for the future. So many aspects of our lives are affected by AI, and your company is no different. Whether you're producing AI-driven products or using AI in your company management systems, you want someone with this background on your team.

Data Science and Analytics

Decisions today are driven by Big Data. The problem is that Big Data is a collection of massive amounts of information; without the right people assessing it, it is challenging to determine what's most important. That's where data scientists come in. Hiring an analyst can help you parse out the details of what's critical when collecting data or using it to drive business decisions.


Internet and network security is a top priority for many organizations today. With so much business conducted online, it's imperative that you can keep your customer information safe and secure. This also means keeping your online systems free from attacks that could negatively impact your company for years.

Cloud Computing

The creation of The Cloud shifted the landscape of businesses forever. Now, instead of massive data centers that take up valuable real estate, cloud computing provides on-demand computer systems and resource availability. This is most important when it comes to data storage and computing power. Clouds are distributed over multiple locations, making the system more secure. If something happens to one area of the cloud, it doesn't negatively impact the rest. Management of this process on-site can prevent significant concerns.


Most people know blockchain from its most famous incarnation: cryptocurrency. But blockchain is an incredible technology with far-reaching implications. Companies can use blockchain to create encrypted information that is impossible to tamper with and can be used by industries such as transportation, logistics, and more. Blockchain will become integral to our computing culture in the next several years.

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Published on: Nov 7, 2022