How Temporary Employees Can Drive Profit for Your Business

How Temporary Employees Can Drive Profit for Your Business

Temporary employees are invaluable when you need coverage for regular employees who are on vacation or leave, or to help with special projects or customer backlogs. You don’t want to – or can’t – add head count, but the benefits of hiring temps can help get you over the hump. And if they work out, you can add them to your hiring pool, building bench strength for future openings.

Fill the Gap

There comes a time at every business when key employees have to be out of work for extended periods. Dividing up their duties among co-workers may not be realistic or feasible, especially if they have a unique skill set that’s hard to match. The benefit of temporary employees is they can cover the position, whether it’s for a few days, a few weeks or several months.

  • You can backfill. For instance, you may have a talented executive assistant who takes family leave time, and a high-potential receptionist who could fill in for them. Bring in a temporary employee to cover for your receptionist, and at the same time, give your regular employee a chance to stretch and learn new skills.

Ease the Pressure

Do you have a tax season accounting project and not enough staff to complete it in time? Is there a mass mailing that needs to go out ASAP? Consider hiring a temporary employee or two to ease the pressure when “all hands on deck” still isn’t enough.

  • When you bring on temporary workers, you may be able to build a case for management to approve additional permanent head count. Then, as an added plus, you can hire your previous temps on a permanent basis. They will already be trained, and you know they fit in and can do the job.

Grow Your Business

If your company is a startup or you’re going through a period of growth or economic uncertainty, temporary employees can help you prosper. Budgeting for staff can be very challenging. And many companies have an irregular flow of business throughout the year. So, it makes sense not to bring on too many permanent hires.

  • Reduce overhead. Labor is the biggest expense on your company balance sheet. Hiring temporary employees only when you need them makes good business sense. Fluidity in staffing is efficient in organizations of all sizes and industries.
  • Increase sales. Depending on the nature of your business, you may not need the same number of sales and customer service people year-round. You can hire temporary employees as needed.
  • Boost customer satisfaction. If you’re understaffed, customer satisfaction can suffer. You may not have enough employees to answer phones, so customers are kept on hold for unacceptable lengths of time. Orders aren’t processed quickly enough, or refunds are delayed. Unless you solve these problems ASAP, your customers will take their business elsewhere. On the positive side, with great, efficient service, you’ll attract more customers as word quickly spreads.

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Published on: Mar 25, 2019