Sign On Incentives to Get Your Open Positions Filled

Sign On Incentives to Get Your Open Positions Filled

Are you having trouble filling your open positions? Many companies are looking at creative ways to attract and retain top talent. Maybe you should consider a sign-on incentive to help inspire candidates to apply for your open roles. These can come in many forms and introduce a culture that supports employees in their careers. Here are a few examples to consider.

Sign-On Bonus

Many companies are having success by offering a sign-on bonus. This type of bonus was common in specific industry sectors, such as technology or finance, but now many industries are considering the concept. It can be helpful to have a policy for bonus repayment if the new employee leaves before a certain time frame.

Tuition Repayment

With the looming student debt crisis, even with the federal government's most recent projections, tuition repayment may be one of your most significant incentives. Young people have taken out substantial student loans for degrees they were told were required for career success. Showcase your company values by offering repayment programs after hiring these qualified college graduates.

Expanded PTO Options

Money doesn't talk for everyone. Some people are looking for more work/life balance. That's where expanded PTO options can come in. The standard two weeks vacation is no longer cutting it. Some companies have adopted an unlimited PTO policy and trust employees not to take advantage of the system. Others provide ample weeks throughout the year and unlimited sick days to combat the culture of coming to work when feeling ill.

Flex Scheduling

Another time-based perk that is gaining ground is the ability for flexible scheduling. Not everyone needs to be in the office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Consider allowing your employees to set their schedule based on their needs, such as dropping kids off at school or managing caregiving activities with older family members.

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Published on: Feb 6, 2023