Remote Work Culture: Celebrating the Holidays with your Team

Remote Work Culture: Celebrating the Holidays with your Team

Are you still working remotely? When your team is scattered around the area, country, or even the world, creating a cohesive company culture can be complicated. Putting intentional effort into your culture can significantly impact employee morale, so it's important to consider how you can incorporate it into your business. Here are a few ways to give back and have fun celebrating another year of working together this holiday season.

Virtual Cooking Class

A fun event for everyone is to participate in an online cooking class. There are services you can sign up for where you send each team member a box of the ingredients and then log into the lesson with a live instructor and cook together. Before deciding on this event, determine that everyone on your team can participate.

Organize a Gift Exchange

Secret Santa gift exchanges are perfect for remote teams. Use an online name randomizer for each team member to select a coworker's name. Establish a budget for the gift. Use company resources to ensure that each gift reaches its final destination. Then host a zoom where everyone can open what they got and celebrate together.

Host an Ugly Sweater Virtual Happy Hour

People love happy hour. You can send cocktail kits to your team or make it a BYO event. Ask everyone to wear their ugliest holiday sweater, a tradition that began in Vancouver, Canada, in 2002 and has gained worldwide recognition in the last twenty years. If you provide drinks, have an option for employees who choose not to drink alcohol. Have everyone vote for the ugliest sweater and award a prize.

Holiday Care Packages

Sometimes celebrating together is not feasible, especially if you have employees across multiple time zones. In this case, channel your energy into sending a lovely care package to your team. Create a cozy pack that shouts winter, including a soft blanket, a mug, packets of hot cocoa, and soup mix.

Celebrate Whimsical Holidays

Knowing that not everyone celebrates the same winter holidays, take this time to observe some of December's more whimsical days. Fun observances during the month include:

  • December 1st is National Cookie Cutter Day

  • December 9th is National Pastry Day

  • December 15th is National Tea Day

  • December 19th is National Hard Candy Day

  • December 26th is National Thank You Note Day

  • December 27th is Cut Out Snowflakes Day

It's easy to see how you might be able to incorporate some fun activities these days.

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Published on: Nov 28, 2022