People. Process. Service: Entrepreneurship is My Jam

People. Process. Service: Entrepreneurship is My Jam
Asked about the No. 1 thing she’s learned when it comes to working with people, Baker said, “Hire smarter than you. The people you surround yourself with in your organization are so important, and they need to be intelligent, driven, and determined.” Baker wants to hire people who could work for any healthcare organization, but choose to work for KidsCare Home Health.  In the past several years, Baker’s company has grown to multiple locations and more than 650 employees across several states. What was the secret sauce that made her company so successful, while similar, more established companies did not experience the same growth?   Baker attributed success to several factors, including the company’s process of hiring the best people and providing the best service.
Baker’s passion is entrepreneurship, and she takes pride in mentoring women to become the leaders of today and tomorrow.  “What are the challenges we face as women in the workforce?,” Baker said. “When I looked at the research and the four most common factors contributing to these challenges, the common denominator was confidence, (and) 80% of the women I talk to say they lack confidence.”   That's what drives Baker to help other women start and scale service-based businesses. Entrepreneurship is Baker’s jam, and she may have the perfect recipe for success.
Contributor: Dr. Cortney Baker and Bill Kasko CEO, Frontline Source Group


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Published on: Jan 23, 2020