Mandating Office Returns: Pros & Cons to Consider

Mandating Office Returns: Pros & Cons to Consider

The headlines are all over business news publications. Companies are beginning to mandate a return to the office. Big names, like Microsoft and Apple, have adopted a hybrid work approach ordering a return to the office several days a week. But is it going to be the right move for you and your team? Can work in an office remain the mainstay of corporate culture that it once was? If your company is thinking about reversing remote work, you should consider several pros and cons before implementing your in-office mandate. Let's take a closer look. 

Pro: More In-Person Collaboration

One of the biggest reasons to return to the office is to encourage more collaboration among your team. Working in person can kick-start innovation and creativity and create opportunities for your team to develop new ideas through regular conversation and problem-solving. 

Con: Employees Prefer Work-From-Home

On the other hand, the statistics show that employees are much more satisfied when working from home. When hiring, you may lose out on candidates for whom in-office work is a dealbreaker. There are other ways to develop collaboration, so initiating these tools can help. 

Pro: More Opportunities for Culture Events

When your employees are in the office, developing and driving the company culture is far more accessible. Culture events may include group activities, initiatives, celebrations, and shared projects. Culture events can create better inclusion among employees so no one feels left out of the community that you've created. 

Con: Employee Turnover

However, in-office requirements can also make you lose out on current talent. As several high-profile businesses have shown in the last few months, layoffs aren't the only way people leave an organization. Giving an ultimatum can cause you to bleed talent, which can be difficult, if not impossible, to replace in the current marketplace. 
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Published on: Jan 23, 2023