Laid Off? Bouncing Back in Today's Market

Laid Off? Bouncing Back in Today's Market

If you've found yourself recently laid off, know you're not alone. More than 77,000 employees from tech jobs based in the United States have faced layoffs so far in 2023. But a layoff doesn't have to end your career, and now is the perfect time to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Here is our advice on how to bounce back and join the workforce ASAP.

Take Time for Yourself

The feeling you experience after losing a job is a type of grief. It's okay to have these feelings and let yourself experience them fully. Take some time for yourself to be sad or angry. But once you have processed your feelings, it's time to move on to the next steps of your job search.

Update Your Job Search Portfolio

Next, take time to update your complete portfolio of job search paperwork. Update your resume with accomplishments from your most recent job. Create a cover letter template to make it easier to apply. Update your online portfolio if you have one. Pay attention to your LinkedIn profile and mark yourself as looking for work.

Gather Your References

Talk to your references. Being laid off doesn't mean you can't access resources from your most recent employer. Talk to your direct supervisor or manager to see if they would be willing to be a reference. Talk to previous professional connections and put together a list of people who can vouch for you. And don't forget to ask people if they have referrals for you.


Networking is often the best way to find new opportunities. Reach out to former colleagues who may be in new positions. Connect to community members on your LinkedIn and be explicit about looking for a new job. Attend local events, join industry organizations, and discuss your job search with anyone you meet. You never know when you'll make the proper connection.

Connect with a Recruiter

You don't have to do this alone. A recruiter can walk you through the process and be your ally as you continue to search for a new role. They can work with you to submit your resume to matching opportunities and provide additional insight to you about open jobs and to potential employers about why you are a good candidate.

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Published on Mar 13, 2023