5 Key Ingredients of a Great Staffing Agency

5 Key Ingredients of a Great Staffing Agency

It’s no secret to anyone in HR or any hiring manager that in any given market, there are 100’s of staffing agencies to choose from.  And it’s no secret that most of those staffing agencies will claim to “be different.”  

But are they really any different from the 100’s of other options available to hiring managers?  In this article, we will discuss 5 key ingredients that make a staffing company great and stand out from their competitors.

1. Have a systematic, verifiable staffing process that goes beyond the norm. Hiring managers are looking for a vendor that goes far beyond the norm to find the best candidates. Simply putting an ad out on a job board or searching Google for a candidate isn’t enough. Having a proven method/s of sourcing the best candidates is key when going from good to great. 

2. A great staffing agency will have relationships that go deep into the market.  They won’t rely simply on a hope and a prayer. A great staffing agency will interview 1000’s of candidates and have a remarkable way of getting to know them, where they are best suited and how they can benefit the right company.  Just because the resume says “office administrator” doesn’t mean that they are a good fit for the office admin position the client company is hiring for.  Although no staffing agency can get it right 100% of the time, this relationship-based recruitment method delivers outstanding results on a continual basis.

3. A great staffing agency will know exactly what their clients do and how they do it.  They won’t guess. They will perform site surveys and inspections and will get to know the various positions in the company and the precise skills necessary to satisfy their client.  Again, not all office administration positions are the same.  Not all companies have the same culture.  A great staffing agency knows this and ensures that they have a firm grasp on what that particular client needs.

4.  A great staffing agency will have stood the test of time. It’s next to impossible to start from day one being “great.”  Even seasoned veterans who open up new agencies will contend with struggles their first few years as they iron out the kinks.  A great staffing agency is an agency that has been through several highs and lows in the market and still has it’s doors open for business.  

5. A great staffing agency will be properly insured and provide some form of guarantee or warranty on their placements.  A placement, like buying a car, has to be properly insured and if it “breaks down” should come with some form of replacement or warranty.  A great staffing agency will stand behind their placements by protecting their clients in the rare event of a misplacement. 

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Published on Jul 5, 2018